Wednesday, March 04, 2015

February Binding Blitz

Julie is hosting a Binding Blitz party for us to celebrate our completed quilt bindings in February. Stitching binding is a task that not everyone enjoys, so Julie is encouraging us to finish the job and link up our blog posts.
I have two completed bindings this month:
* a miniature quilt called Hugs and Kisses that measured about 10" x 13", for a total 46",
* and my Scrap Squad quilt (with a green backing, using green stitching tools!) with a whopping 280" to add to the total.

Drum roll please....

February's binding total is 326".
Not as fantastical as January's total of 586", but definitely enough to celebrate! Hop over to Julie's enjoy the link ups.


  1. Yeah!!! Celebrate!!! Love that bright green fabric.

  2. Love that fabric and green tools!

  3. Nice green scissors! That backing fabric is fun too!

  4. There are green binding clips like those red ones. Congrats on the finishing.

  5. I have a quilt that I will be making binding for today, it is always nice to get that done I think so I can put the quilt in the wash

  6. Green backing(which I have in my stash too) and green are too funny!!
    Bindings mean you are almost done the is a fun part!!! A finish is a finish!!

  7. I was going to suggest the green binding clips, but I see Mary beat me to it. : )
    Love the word "fantastical". I'd try that in Scrabble sometime--except it is too long.

  8. Two finishes in a month sounds good to me! I'm still way off my first of the year. I love that your tools match your quilt.

  9. Kathy, I love your hugs and kisses quilt!! So cute...but the green really tickles me!!