Sunday, July 22, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

Welcome to the weekly hand stitching party!
At Slow Sunday Stitching, we brag about our slowness, and take pride in the art of relaxing, breathing deeply, and not really accomplishing much. We believe in the health benefits of relaxation, and take it seriously enough to commit to this slowness practice at least once a week. If you need a reminder of the benefits of relaxation, click here.

I did a lot of hand stitching this week. I finished the appliqued kites, and the hand stitched binding on a group quilt (see the quilt here). I cut the binding strips from a fun fabric called "Colorworks Concept".

And I finished another one of Gail Pan's embroidery blocks for the "I Stitch" club.  These blocks are just so darn cute and are the perfect size to finish up in a short period of time. I stitched the bunny in brown thread to look like the ones we have in the backyard. 

Next up is this sweet little cat. First I trace the design onto muslin using my Frixion pen and my "light box" (see my fancy technique here).
Then I am ready to start stitching.
I hope you can join us today in enjoying some relaxing stitching. If you have a blog, please link up your hand stitching project below so we can see what you are working on and cheer you on!


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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Scrappy Saturday

July is red month over at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The goal is to sew as many of our red and maroon scraps as possible into quilt blocks.
It used to be that my red scraps were mostly Christmas themed, but once I started the 150 Canadian Women project, I accumulated a wide variety of reds. (That quilt hasn't seen any progress lately... maybe I should get it out this month?)
Anyway I did use up a lot of small scraps for my Squared Away sampler blocks for July. This month's pattern is called "Round the Corner" and the pattern can be found over at the Academic Quilter

I am making 4 blocks each month at the 5" size. And here are all my fantastic sampler blocks made this year. 
Thanks to Mari and Angela for this fun project!
Hop over to the link up to see more RSC posts.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Aurifil DOM

Aurifil posts a new block pattern each month in their Designer of the Month project with the interesting theme of "The Places We Go". I made their DOM last year (click here to see it) and really enjoyed it, but some of the blocks this year have been more challenging. January's block has been "in production" since January LOL! I didn't like the bridge block for April, and couldn't visually figure out what the June block was.

But then came July's block which is an easy log cabin variation called "Beach Houses" by Sherri McConnell. It involved cutting lots of 1.25" strips but once the cutting was done, the sewing part was quick and easy.

Here is my finished block.
To see other finished blocks, hop over to the June Aurifil link up.

Below is a photo of the 4 Aurifil DOM blocks I've made so far this year.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Group Quilt is Finished

I have been working on a group baby quilt this week. Each person in the group was requested to add one or two kites to the quilt. It's a challenge working on a group quilt. Everyone contributes in whatever way they can and you have to give up all your perfectionistic tendencies to accommodate a wide range of sewing abilities. 
The goal is to have everyone participate, not to get a beautifully made quilt.

I appliqued two kites to the quilt - a sock monkey kite and a striped kite. 

The striped kite got a ricrac tail, and the sock monkey has a couched yarn tail which were both fastened down by machine.

I also finished the edge of the quilt with a striped binding. 
Here it is hanging on the clothesline.  Now I am passing the quilt onto another friend who will hopefully add a kite or two. 
And then it will be gifted to our friend who is a first time grandma. So happy to be done with this "must do" project so I can get back to some fun projects of my own!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Design Wall Tuesday

The big family camping trip of the summer is over. It was similar to all the previous ones... too much sun, lots of laughing, chatting and playing games, and not enough sleep. And for the Moms, it is way too much work. Cooking on a Coleman stove or over an open fire, and hauling water for cooking and washing dishes is not as much "fun" as it used to be when I was younger! And let's not even talk about the whole outhouse experience! 

But memories were made, relationships were strengthened, and new members of the family ("add-ons" as we call them) were met. No bears were seen this year (read about the bear adventure here), but Granddog Max had a close encounter with a snapping turtle which left him with a sore nose!

Anyway, I missed "Design Wall Monday", but this quilt is on my design wall today. It's a bit of a hot mess. The project was started by a high school friend to gift to another one of our friends to celebrate becoming a grandmother. The creator of the project has no quilting experience and thought it would be "easy". The quilting was done without a walking foot and this photo doesn't show how hard it is going to be to put a binding on that wavy bunched up edge. My job is to add a kite or two, put on the binding and pass it to the next friends who will add more kites. I am trying hard to not let my quilter perfectionism get in the way of making a group gift full of good intentions for someone we love. It is what it is! Today I'm making binding for the kite quilt.
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Slow Sunday Stitching

It's finally Sunday - a day of rest, reflection, renewal, and slow stitching! Why not join us as we get out our hand stitching projects and put in a few relaxing stitches?

I'm working on my Life Is Beautiful project today. I put all the finished blocks on the design wall to see where this project is at. 
30 blocks are quilted, which is almost the half way point. I have quilted more embroidered blocks than the alternate blocks, so today I'm going to pin baste a stack of alternate blocks to work on.

I have the blocks appliqued, the batting and backing squares cut, and am ready to get a few more blocks completed. Well, the completion won't happen today, but lots of stitching will be happening and they will all get finished eventually.

What are you hand stitching today? We love to see what you're creating so link up your blog post and share your project with us.

**Sorry the link up didn't work right this morning! I was camping and set an autopost that apparently didn't like my instructions. Click page refresh and hopefully the updated link will appear...

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Square Dancing Improv Style

After making Carole's Square Dance mystery quilt top, I became preoccupied with the scraps. The first project from the tiny scraps called Diamonds in the Rough is a mini quilt. But the larger scraps were big enough to make a lap size quilt. You can see Carole's improv scrappy version here.
Here is the fun stage of trimming units and generating ideas of how they might be sewn together. I trimmed up all the blade units to the same size. 
Because the original Square Dance design had windmill shapes in it, I was drawn to this windmill configuration and just had to figure out the math for pieces to fit in the open spaces.

When I was sewing it together somehow I got the white background pieces on the opposite side of the blade and didn't realize it until it was together and I was measuring the block size.
It's interesting, but not the design I was hoping for.
Try again. I took the entire block apart and resewed it.

That's better!

Chocolate Windmills!

The next step is to figure out how to make it larger by adding  some scrappy sashing and/or borders.