Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Unusual Quick Gift

A very talented friend of mine has been posting weekly online Facebook concerts for everyone to enjoy and although it was a technical challenge it worked out so well, and it made a huge difference for me (and everyone) in feeling connected and happy. 
As a result of my great enjoyment, I wanted to send a thank you gift and was thinking about what to include in a thank you parcel.

I made 2 little mug mats using halloween fabrics that I know he will like. The fabrics are from the Riley Blake line called Costume Maker's Ball.

Here is the back of the mats. So darn cute, quick and fun, and a little quirky... my favourite thing to make. It took away all the angst of making masks and caps.

As I mentioned on my last binding post, my favourite binding needle is the Clover black gold needle, but the eye is sooo tiny. 
I was relieved to find my needle threader... it's one of my favourite tools. This photo shows my needle threader and the relative size of these mug mats measuring 5.75" x 7". So fun to hand stitch that binding... see how it's a measuring tape?
And of course at this crazy time in the world, you have to include a roll of toilet paper, because that's just an amazing gift to receive! 


Barb said...

Love your Halloween Mug Rugs! so charming and fun.
I put a roll in a care package too. crazy times.

Chantal said...

Those are cute. Thoughtful gift to include tp. Love your new header. ;^)

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

That Clover Needle threader is a must around here, it is just too hard to get a needle threaded without it!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute! I always forget about my Clover needle threaders for some reason.

Louise said...

How fun! I'm sure your friend will love it :)


Cute sewing projects and 'neat gift of a roll"--who would of thought that we would 'gift' t paper and be making masks for us to wear??????
Have you been watching the iracing on Sunday's?? I tried but just couldn't seem to enjoy it--anyways--last week I guess Bubba had a rant--so he lost his sponsor-Blue emu--and then this week Kyle Larsen said the 'n' word and it got and will get really really bad for him--he may not be back in a car this season and he may lose his sponsors cause of it and he will not be getting paid now while off for Covid-19 at least for awhile--
any ways--stay safe, luv, di


Oh Dear--just heard that Kyle has been 'fired' from his team cause all his sponsors pulled out but one small one--he was to be a free agent this year and there was even talk about him being in the 48 car next year!!!
all because he didn't think and said that 'n' word!!!
sad sad sad--
luv, di

Jenny said...

Lovely gift, especially with the addition of one of those hard to get toilet rolls!

Sarah said...

Nice mug rugs and your added gift made me smile!