Wednesday, March 25, 2020

March Miniature

Wow what a week this is!

I hope you are all taking good care of yourself and enjoying as much medicinal quilting as you have time and energy for. My daughter sent me this to think about. It sure does seem like there is not much I can control, but I am working hard on everything in the centre circle. 

And so... I have another finish to share!

When attending my annual quilt retreat in February I was working on my 150 Canadian Women project, and for a couple of days I was only working with red and white fabrics.

mini block and mini iron
In the red scrap bin I found some parts to make heart blocks. I think they were leftover teaching samples from way back in the day when I used to teach mini quilt making. Isn't this block cute beside my tiny iron?

attaching binding with walking foot
There were enough pieces to make 6 hearts and I sewed them together with a narrow sashing. The quilting was very simple straight lines. I made a single layer binding using a 1.5" strip from the scrap bin. I often use this method on mini quilts (instead of the usual bifold binding) because it just lays flatter with less bulk.

hand stitching the binding
Here's a photo of hand stitching the binding. Isn't that a fun fabric for the backing!?
These Clover black gold needles are my favourite for binding. The only challenge is that the eye of the needle is so tiny that sometimes I have to really look hard to see which end has the hole to put the thread through. Where is my needle threader?!?

And here is the finished March Mini!

"Full of love"
The finished size is 10.25" x 14.5".

And because I have more time for photo ops ... 
here is the outdoor photo.
It's interesting how some of the background fabric looks yellow here when taken on the snowy white background.

And here is the indoor photo showing the three miniature quilts I've made so far this year.
I'm looking forward to seeing the other mini quilts made this month when Wendy posts the list over at The Constant Quilter blog .

Sending you lots of love and wishing you safety and good health! 💖


Gretchen Weaver said...

Very cute!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Fabulous! And do we ever need hearts right now! Perfect March mini. Thanks for hanging in there. You have quite a collection so far. Stay safe and healthy. I will link everyone in on the 31st.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Great projects, you still have snow! Oh my. It is raining here today, and should be sunny and warm later this week. I am ready to dig in the dirt a bit.

works4me said...

Great find. Well done having a mini a month.
It is scary out there and we tend to forget that we can control our actions and reactions. Thanks for the reminder.
I have temporarily lost my quilting mojo but have found a great cross stitch pattern and have pulled all the floss. Now the decision is what fabric to stitch on. I don't have as much cross stitch fabric as quilting fabric, but I still have a lot. :)

Deanna W said...

Cute mini! I am continuing to machine quilt my spider web, really hoping it will be done today! I just want to get back to piecing and I want to start Edyta's mystery!!

Quilting Babcia said...

You have a fabulous start on your monthly mini goal. I love each and every one!

Louise said...

What a sweet and happy mini! Will you hang it up in your studio? Thanks for sharing the "control" graphic. I'm going to post it to my online guild :)

Laura said...

All three of your minis are super cute! :)

Karla (ThreadBndr) said...

What a darling little quilt. There's been more knitting than anything else here at Casa Threads. I just bound off the shoulders on my colorwork vest over lunch (working from home) and I have the toes to graft to finish my socks. Hopefully back to quilting over the weekend. My "office" and my "sewing room" are the same space aka "the dining room".

Sarah said...

It is good to be reminded to let go of what we can't control. they are cute minis, and so accurate! Take care!

audrey said...

Very sweet little mini. Love the backing fabric, what a great find! I think that's part of our uncertainty in these trying days, dealing with all the things we can't control. Good point for us to remember that if we can't control them then we can look to the things that we can!:)

Janet O. said...

I do like that graphic--really helps keep things in perspective.
So glad you are doing the monthly mini this year, and I am loving your little creations!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Sweet red hearts, such a nice mini and with a great backing. I really like that gentle graphic. It is so hard to not let my worry spin out of control. We are so fortunate as quilters to have its medicinal effects at our fingertips!

Deb A said...

What an adorable little quilt!

loulee said...

What a cute wee quilt.
Stay safe.