Friday, April 03, 2020

Pandemic Themed Quilt

From: The Week
Of course all creative people are going to create art that reflects our experience of this global pandemic. It's just what we do and we can't help it! I have especially been enjoying the political cartoons lately.

For me, this creative coping process has focused on a cute little pig block (pattern by Kelli) that I made on National Pig Day. I worked on a farm for 5 summers while putting myself through university (see a photo of me as pig wrangler here) and I know pigs.

Baby pigs are vicious as they compete with their litter mates for milk. They are driven by instinct to be "me first" and will stand on the necks of their litter mates to be first in line to feed. We often had to remove the runts of the litters to rescue them from the vicious behaviour of their siblings.

From: Winnipeg Free Press
I was reminded of this while watching some people's greedy, selfish, hoarding behaviour during the pandemic, which allows them to be fully stocked for 20 years to come, while other people go without. So of course I wanted to make a quilt about it. 

I decided to sew some words to add to my lovely pig block - "TAKE (only) WHAT YOU NEED". That is the takeaway lesson that I have been meditating on ... only take what is essential for you and your family... from the grocery store, and from the planet in general.

I haven't sewn letters for a long time so my brain enjoyed the challenge of remembering how to do this. I referred back to my book by Tonya Ricucci called Word Play Quilts. This is an out of print book but one of my classic reference books. You can get an ebook version from Martingale or you might find a used copy of the book for over $100!

It took a while but eventually my brain kicked into gear and I managed to get a good start on the letters. I'm working with 1" strips and aiming for 3" high letters to fit the size of the pig block.The seam ripper is an essential tool when sewing letters. See how the T isn't right? And the angle on the A might need to be changed since it's too wide. Although since taking more than you need is the theme of the quilt, I might leave it that way!

Are you feeling inspired to make a Pandemic quilt? It's a wonderful way to work things out in your own brain... a meditative protest perhaps?


FlashinScissors said...

A great idea Kathy!
It was nice to read about your pig block. Look forward to seeing your quilt finished.
Stay safe!
Barbara xx

Louise said...

I love your pig block, and think it's really good and important that you are channeling your outrage into this piece. I find myself making quilts for the people that I miss seeing, and I think about them constantly as I sew. And I'm drawn more and more to my Covered in Love pieces, since those will go to families who lose a loved one in the hospital. I fear there will be so, so many people in that situation this year. So yes, these are pandemic quilts, but more of loneliness and sadness.

Lyndsey said...

Love you pig block and the sentiment of the quilt. Folks are certainly being selfish in hoarding but also in not keeping their distance when you have to venture to the shops.

The Joyful Quilter said...

When I saw the piggy, I wasn't sure how that would relate to the topic of the post. (In my defense, I haven't had my first cup of tea this morning.) PERFECT pandemic quilt!! I always make my letters however they come out. Although... I can see why you might want to re-make the "T". :o))

Kathy S. said...

Your pig book is super cute. I have a copy of Word Play. I've had it for years. I used to use it to write names of kids of the quilts I was making. I've never used it as a whole sentence, but it seems fitting. Happy stitching today.

I've been shopping online and having things delivered to our door. When items arrive I am the only one allowed to "touch" them. I wear gloves. I wipe everything down with diluted Clorox.

I try to order ahead so that I can put things in "quarantine". I have a couple of boxes of supplies stacked in the back of my truck. These are things such as a pack of batteries, a pack of soap, a few cans of soup... Luckily our stores around here that deliver things are making it so that you can only order a quantity of two of each thing. This helps the availability for others.

I mark the items by box on my calendar and the date when they come out of "quarantine". This may be a little of overkill on my part, but all three of us are considered "at risk" at this point. When the box comes out of quarantine I let our son open it. Who would have thought that this could be like Christmas for a kid?

Jean said...

I love your idea for the pig quilt...she is so cute! I haven't made any free pieced letters for a long time either. Now I want to get my book out and make some.

Julierose said...

Your Piggy block is so apt --and so cute too..Can't wait to see how you set the words...
~ ~ ~ ~ waving (after washing my hands of course) hahaha Julierose;)))

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

That piggie block is so appropriate for today's circumstances and those words go perfectly with it. I am not making a separate quilt, but I am adding motifs to the quilt that was already in process.