Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July Shop Hop

It is time once again for the July Shop Hop. This is a large scale mystery quilt adventure sponsored by stores in southern Ontario, Canada. 
This year there are 15 stores that you visit to collect a block pattern and the fabric to make it. If you go to all 15 stores, you will have a 15 block sampler quilt. Each store makes a unique sampler quilt using the same blocks, so you get to see 15 different quilts.
It is such a large project and I am amazed that they are still offering this to us for free! And there are door prizes and a grand draw prize of an amazing sewing desk made locally by Adam of Eddycrest

I have attended on and off over the last few years:
-in 2012 it was called "Yours to Discover" and had 10 stores, 
-in 2015 I collected a few blocks and Barb gave me all her blocks since she doesn't like blue, 
-in 2016 we collected block fabrics in fall colours and I didn't make it to all the stores but together with some of my friends we are making a quilt to donate to the Mennonite Relief Quilt Auction with these blocks, and 
-in 2017 the blocks were grey and I got around to 10 of the 15 stores.
It is quite a lot of driving, and this year I am joining with some quilting friends to try to get to as many of the 15 stores as we can before the end of the month. It is inspiring and very fun, and a very expensive adventure because of course you spend money at every store you go in. 
Click here for the Shop Hop Facebook page.
Do you have shop hops where you live? Do you participate?


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

We do have a shop hop in Western NC, but it is only 10 shops and they are spread out over 100 miles, from Franklin NC to Mauldin SC, Greenville SC up to Asheville NC. I don't get to them all, it is just too far, but I do some to enter the drawings.

MissPat said...

We have several shop hops throughout the year mostly regional in western NY from Syracuse to Buffalo. I no longer do the longer ones both because of distance and because, as you said, you usually buy in every store and I simply don't need more fabric at this point.

Cathy Melancon said...

Sounds like a blast and especially with 4 women! I live in the Houston, TX area and yes, the shops do a hop each year! This is spead out over many miles, so lots of driving! I also purchase items at each shop so it does get expensive! But, totally worth it for all the fun, laughs, and friendships!!!

julieQ said...

I am so glad for you! Here, one area gathers all the shops into one convention center, just for shopping...I have not gone, but sounds like fun!

Deanna W said...

Is someone trying to take over my blog stalking job...she has the same shoes as you..thought only I did that!! bahahaha
Looks like lots of fun~

maggie fellow said...

that really sounds fun- We have a community center here, and a quilt store sets up a shop hop there. It is so nice to just go to one building, but certainly not an adventure like yours.

Kate said...

Hope you manage to collect all the blocks. Sounds like a lot of fun.