Monday, July 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday

While I have been visiting a few of the stores on this year's July Shop Hop and collecting the new blocks, I have also been working on my blue blocks from last year's hop. 
Here are 9 of the 15 blocks on the design wall. If you want to see all the creative layout designs hop over to the July Shop Hop photo page.

The top right block was a bit of an ordeal. I traced the pattern onto freezer paper to paper piece. There were 8 components to the block and this photo shows one of them.
So I traced all 8 pieces and started to sew them without any difficulty. But when all the pieces were ready to assemble, I realized that because of the reverse issue in paper piecing I didn't have the colour placement right, and the white and light blue were mixed in some of the blocks. I thought I would remember which colour went where since there are only 3 colours, but apparently I didn't! It was a reminder to always write on the pattern which colour goes in each section, because obviously I can't rely on the old memory bank anymore!
Here is the finished block, and you can see if you look closely that I had to sew some scraps together to get big enough pieces to use after all that sewing and unsewing of awkward angles.
C'est la vie!
On to the next block...

To see more design walls, hop over to Patchwork Times.


  1. Looks like a challenge but you nailed it! Nice blocks!

  2. I color a tiny section with colored pencils, to help me get the fabrics correct. If I have several different 'blues' then I also make a color chart, to make sure I get the correct fabric with the correct colored pencil color.

  3. Nice compass block. I would use my Robin Ruth ruler for that.

  4. Nice compass block. I would use my Robin Ruth ruler for that.

  5. Ugh, how annoying to have to unsew and redo. But you persevered where I would likely not have!