Friday, July 06, 2018

Blockheads II

Block #2 Buckeye Beauty 6"
Block #3 Pennsylvania
Block #5 has just been released and I am right up to date on this quilt along. I posted block #1 here and wasn't all that keen on how my fabrics were looking together. But I decided just to "press on" (quilter's joke!) and see how the project began to develop. After all, it's just the beginning stage of making blocks for a large quilt.
Blocks #2 and #3 are 6" traditional blocks, easy to cut and piece, and turned out "not terrible". 
But then block #4 arrived and this one I could sink my teeth into... a complex block called Roman Cross. This block has 33 pieces and is pieced on the diagonal with bias edges on all the outside triangles. My value placement is different than the pattern to emphasize the crosses, made with 4 different grey fabrics.

Block #4 Roman Cross

I was in my happy place, or "in the flow" as people like to say now... cutting and sewing, listening to my favourite music on Spotify. Secretly I was wondering how this was all going to work out, but just stayed in the moment and happily placed that bulls eye circle right in the centre of the block. And you know what? It turned out perfectly! An exact 12.5" block with great contrast!

Blocks #1 - #4

Here are blocks #1 - #4 on the design wall, with two 6" blocks and two 12" blocks so far.
But then block #5 called "Impact" was posted this week. 
Ummmm... a 24" block with 8" units?!? NO. I can't have that much blank space. I'll have to use my mad math skills (laughing hysterically!!) to rescale that pattern by at least half.
This is the fun of a mystery quilt along... you never know what's coming next, and you get to opt in or opt out, enjoy the best parts, tolerate the 'hum ho' parts, alter what you don't like, and make it your own!


  1. I looked at the photos and started thinking that fabric looks awfully familiar and then glanced over to the fabric that I had unrolled yesterday and pressed and is on my table - yup - it's the same - nice fabric isn't it!

  2. Your block #5 is very creative and helped me see the importance of color/print placement for a different impact in the design. Love it!! I need to try "straying" from the initial design.

  3. Ah, nice effect with the center bullseye.
    Looking forward to your remake of block #5. :)

  4. Very fun blocks! I think you'll be happy with your color palette when these are all finished.

  5. I love these fabrics! And blocks look great