Thursday, July 19, 2018

Group Quilt is Finished

I have been working on a group baby quilt this week. Each person in the group was requested to add one or two kites to the quilt. It's a challenge working on a group quilt. Everyone contributes in whatever way they can and you have to give up all your perfectionistic tendencies to accommodate a wide range of sewing abilities. 
The goal is to have everyone participate, not to get a beautifully made quilt.

I appliqued two kites to the quilt - a sock monkey kite and a striped kite. 

The striped kite got a ricrac tail, and the sock monkey has a couched yarn tail which were both fastened down by machine.

I also finished the edge of the quilt with a striped binding. 
Here it is hanging on the clothesline.  Now I am passing the quilt onto another friend who will hopefully add a kite or two. 
And then it will be gifted to our friend who is a first time grandma. So happy to be done with this "must do" project so I can get back to some fun projects of my own!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such a cute project to take part in

Jackie J said...

This quilt will look great when it's all finished, especially since a group of you will have made personal contributions to this quilt.

Louise said...

It's a very sweet idea, full of bright and happy fabrics. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled to receive this gift made with love by many hands :)

Miaismine said...

It looks great! What a neat idea for a first time Grandmother!

Janet O. said...

I find it very hard to do those "must do" projects when they aren't done in the way that will make them their best. But the intention of the quilt is a good one, and you did well with your part--binding and all.
I like that not all the kites are going in the same direction. If you watch a bunch of kites flying together, some are dipping and twisting, while others are sailing high.

Kate said...

It's very cute. Sometimes perfect really isn't a requirement (even though it's hard not to want everything to be so). Congrats on getting your part done.

Sue McQ said...

Absolutely adorable and no monkey business!