Friday, December 08, 2017

It's Mystery Day!

The last step of Magnolia Mist Mystery has been posted this week and this is a sample of the blocks that I will be sewing together this weekend. I think I might change up the layout a bit to use up some of the fabric I have. 
AND as if that's not enough excitement, Step #3 of the Quiltville mystery is posted today! I will have to do a lot of cutting for step #3 blocks, so first I will put on some Christmas music, wind down from a busy week and enjoy some mindless sewing putting together the Magnolia blocks.


  1. Good luck....I love having Christmas music playing while I am sewing away. I have to finish step 2 first. But maybe I could use step 2 as leader and ender for step 3!!! haha

  2. Gotta Love a Mystery Day! I had to drive to town today, so NO-Blog until Monday. I'll be Cutting lots of strips for Part 3. Nice Block.

  3. You do have fun with your mysteries--which is a mystery to me. :)
    That is a pretty block.
    I guess I should hop over and see what step 3 is for Quiltville, just to see what my friends are up to.

  4. You're Magnolia mystery is turning out great! I hope to have a bit of time for mine today, too!