Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bags - part #2

One of the challenges of dealing with plastics is to figure out how to reuse or recycle them. Instead of throwing plastics in the trash, I try to turn plastic packaging into something reusable. I found this tutorial at BarkPost on how to turn a dog food bag into a reusable tote bag. So I took Granddog Max's food bag and gave it a try. 

I followed the steps on the tutorial and was surprised at how easily my Singer 301 stitched through this bag. It was as if my machine didn't even recognize that it wasn't sewing quilting cotton!

The handles were a little tricky to figure out, but it all worked out okay.  
The only drawback is that although I washed the bag twice, it still has a mild smell of dog food. I wouldn't put my groceries in there or any item that might pick up the smell. But to carry the dog's belongings back and forth to Grandma's house, it's perfect!
Overall the frustration factor to make this tote bag was low/manageable. And I was able to make a unique Christmas gift for my daughter, which she appreciated. 

So instead of throwing these food bags in the garbage, I'll continue to make totes from them. And when they wear out or break, they'll eventually go in the recycling bin.

Drop by tomorrow for Bags part #3.


  1. You could maybe wipe them with lemon or store lavender in them for a while to help with the smell.
    Good idea. Here in Aus from Jan 2018 there will not be any plastic supermarket bags. We have to supply our own. I'm not sure how it is to be implemented but anyway to make bags with reusable stuff will help.. I don't buy anything that big but I'm sure there is lots that will.

  2. These are great posts. I have a friend who makes bags from her animal feed bags and they are lovely - donkeys, chickens, kitty, dog. She gifted me one of the cat ones. I am a 'bag' person for any grocery shopping, even if just the corner store for a couple of staples. And have been using them as gift bags (instead of buying paper ones) to encourage others to re-use.

  3. you must really be into recycling to do something with those big animal feed bags. I have no pets so do not get them. I guess I would bring them to the recycle center.

  4. I am enjoying your "bags" posts. I have reusable grocery bags which I use all the time, but I often forget to bring my own bags into other stores. I try to be mindful of this so maybe I will make that my "resolution" for the new year. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I've seen this idea before but haven't tried it. I have a cat, so I understand the smell thing from the bag. Cool idea, and I like the smile on your daughter's face!

  6. Great idea! I will save Rosie's dog food bags and give it a go!!

  7. Great post and a great idea for recycling the dog feed bags. I'm going to have a go at making one.

  8. Is there anything that you cannot sew, lol! :)

    This was a surprise post to read but very interesting and I read the prior one.

    Meanwhile I remember that you'd posted awhile back about not liking The Crown season 2 very much...

    If you like period dramas as I do, have you tried ALIAS GRACE on Netflix yet? I was mesmerized! :)

    It is a six part drama series / a murder mystery of sorts / she's HAND QUILTING through the last half of it for her mistress.

    In the end, in the happy ending portion, she's made her own quilt.

  9. I've seen these feed bags made from chicken feed sacks. Way to up cycle them. Good idea.

  10. We’ve had the no plastic bag thing for a year—although the stores are happy to charge you a fee if you forget your bag. It was pretty hilarious to see people load up their arms, their kids’ arms, etc because they were too cheap to buy a 20 cent reusable bag! I have a lot of different reusable bags I keep in my car, and a nylon fold up bag in my purse. I regret that I have no solution for produce bags—though we do take those back to the store for recycling. Mostly I try to reduce packaging whenever possible. Curbside recycling has been standard in our area for many years, which is great!

  11. A great re-use idea! Our grocery store does recycle their plastic bags and we do collect all our plastic bags and return them.