Monday, March 30, 2020

New project?

Oh dear, Bonnie Hunter is starting a new project today. It's a medallion mystery called Unity, and we all know how much I enjoy mystery quilting, and especially love Bonnie's mysteries! 
But I'm not sure that my Coronavirus brain fog can handle a new project right now.

Frolic on the design wall
And I haven't finished the last mystery yet!
So yesterday I got all the parts out and started working on Frolic. This was one heck of a complex quilt design. And it's set on point so that takes it up a notch for construction challenge.
It's too big for my design wall so I'm planning to sew it together in chunks instead of rows.

It makes sense that I should finish Frolic first before starting something new. How much self discipline can I muster up at this point? Maybe I'll just go over to Quiltville for a quick visit and check out what the first step is ...and then think about it! LOL

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm not going to and wasn't even tempted, I have so many started to work on I will see if this time at home can make me finish some things

Nann said...

I thought I'd be able to concentrate on quilting and on many other projects -- but I'm not being as efficient as I'd like. The colors for your Frolic are just stunning! And, yes, it is a very complex design. Hope you're able to make inroads this week.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Concentrating on quilting hasn't been a problem for me. My studio has been my safe zone. I've been on hyperdrive and have made good progress on several projects. The challenge is deciding on which Quarantine QAL to engage in, now that there are SEW many being offered! Best of luck deciding on what works for you.

Fiber Babble said...

Why, WHY do you do this to me? I haven't even unpacked my machine from the last class I took (March 7!) and I have sooooo many projects that need attention.

And now this quiltalong.

I heart you, you stinker.

(Instructions printed)

Karen said...

I fully expect you to be doing the new mystery quilt design before long. You manage to do them all.

SandraC said...

I am going to play along. The last few years I haven't done a Bonnie mystery as it's always at my busiest time of year on the longarm. At the moment, business is grinding to a halt, so I guess I'm in! :)

Deanna W said...

I hear ya...should I could I will I...come along for the ride with me. What do you think!!I will if you do!!

Deb A said...

I'm guessing you have picked out fabrics and are sewing along by now!


I have actually printed out the first set and even think I have found the fabrics for this one--I have not one of her's in years-maybe never--but this one sounds interesting and as I already have a 99 projects I am working on why not make it 100--!!!!!
do figure you will join us--!!!
are you watching the iracing on Sunday's at 1:00 on Fox sp1--not as exciting as actual racing--but better than no racing!!!
luv, di

ButterZ said...

You have got further with FROLIC than I have.. HAPPY UNITY

loulee said...

Your frolic quilt is looking good. And good luck with the new mystery.