Thursday, April 12, 2018

Guild Report and 9 Patches

I had a lovely visit with the Hamilton Quilters Guild last night. What a great audience they were. They didn't make me feel like I was an odd duck at all! This is a photo of part of the audience after my lecture was over and you can see some of my quilts hanging on the other side of the room.

Doing a trunk show is always a good time to give some of my quilts an airing out and refolding. How many quilts does one person need?!?! LOL
Truthfully, quilt storage is starting to become an issue but what a great problem to have!

I have been enjoying some mindless sewing after work these days. Sometimes that is the only kind of sewing that can be accomplished when your brain is full of other things. 
I always try to have at least one or two projects on the go that are relaxing and simple, and no brain power is required to make progress. 
This week, my "no brainer" project is making 9 patch blocks to be the alternate blocks for my churn dash swap blocks. All the patches are cut, so it's just a matter of putting them through the sewing machine. So fun!


The Cozy Quilter said...

We need to get you back to our guild again. I’m glad to see your quilts had a good airing out. I have a mushy brain right now too.

Kate said...

I remember a few of those quilts from the blog posts. Glad that it all went well.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

So true! I am doing a trunk show and program for a guild next week, that is a good reason to have a lot of quilts! Storage is becoming a bit of a challenge here too. I now have quilts on every chair in the den and library, LOL!!

Deb A said...

Glad the trunk show went well. Mindless sewing is a great way to make progress when you just can't think.

Louise said...

Gotta love a bit of mindless sewing! I'm putting together big blocks from smaller components today and it's so relaxing :)


Am glad your show went well and look --you didn't even have to jump up on the table and scare everyone to do it!!!!
I am sure I have some mindless sewing--but--
it seems I always have something else that needs sewing instead!!
I have been great with hand sewing--like embroidery lately--but not so great with doing machine work--so I need someone to get after me about that!!
enjoy, di

Mary said...

Fun to put 9-patches with your Churn Dash blocks. Have fun putting the quilts away. I roll mine , it takes less space in my cupboard.

Janet O. said...

You were among your people--don't you think most of us as quilters have a bit of "odd duck" in us? :)
I love getting peeks of your quilts on display.
Nine patches make great mindless sewing--if they aren't too tiny.

Deb from Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am sure that the guild was lucky to have you! :)

Karen said...

The display of all those quilts looks oh so good.

beaquilter said...

How fun and great quilts!