Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice Design Wall

Today is the longest day of the year AND it's a full moon, which makes it as rare as a whole cloth quilt! It's the first time it's happened in 70 years. I'll be celebrating that we made it through another winter of life, and now its time to celebrate the power of light over darkness! Hey, I look for any opportunity to celebrate!

And here's another reason to celebrate...
on the design wall today are all the sample sandwiches from the machine quilting class I took at Quilt Canada last week (details are here). I'm just letting all that inspiration soak into my brain until I decide what to do with these. Maybe I'll join them in a quilt-as-you-go style to have as a reference for the future.
I hand painted these blocks the week before Quilt Canada, so that I would have something pretty to practice my quilting designs on instead of plain fabric.
I used my favourite Setacolor paints and had a great painting day. It was dry and hot outside so the fabric dried very quickly and I didn't get much effect with the salt. When the paints dried, I heat set them with a hot iron, cut them into 8" squares and I was ready for the class. So fun!
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  1. A reference/idea quilt is a great idea! Isn't walking foot quilting fun?

  2. Very smart idea to paint your blocks for the samples. They look so fun now and would make a wonderful reference quilt!

  3. Very fun to use hand painted fabrics....I've been using up my huge collection of Kona Cotton FQ's and then sometimes making them into 12" mini quilts to hang in my metal stand...that way I can admire them and use them instead of piling them up in drawers. Fun colours you used!

  4. Very bright and fun! Like a tie died quilt.

  5. How fun Kathy!!! Love the "tie-dye" look. Most quilt-learning samples are pretty darn boring - mine are on muslin Ugh!!! Love your happy squares, and you did such a great job on your stitching :*)