Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quilt Canada 2016

Too much fun.
Too much excitement.
Too much creative inspiration.
I'm full to overflowing and haven't had the time to blog about it yet.

Look who met me at the welcome desk! It's Christine who I met at a class at Quilt Canada in St. Catharines two years ago!

And then look who was in my class today... three of the quilters that were in one of the classes I took at the same Quilt Canada two years ago.
It's Ann, Jackie and Christine!
We just keep showing up together! It's such a small world sometimes.

And of course I have to mention that the food has been fantastic at the receptions! Quilters love fabric and food... in that order!
I will write more about my classes and the quilts tomorrow. Having a blast at QC!


Janet O. said...

I have never seen so much fun food at any of the quilt events I have attended!!

Frances Meredith said...

Loks like a great event.

Sophie Zaugg said...

Enjoy the event and the food as well ;-)

Mary said...

How fun to re-connect with ladies from a previous Quilt Canada. The food looks yummy. We don't mix our food with a Quilt Show around here.

SandraC said...

I'm so envious! But I'll be there today and hope to see it all!!

Judy said...

Interesting connections. I met Christine this year through a friend from my guild. How nice to have so many quilting friends.

Christine said...

Kathy, I took the same food pictures! Thanks for the honourable mention. I loved my days at Quilt Canada, Volunteering was fun. My class was a great experience. The quilt show was amazing. I saw many friends and made some more. Can't get much better.
Christine from Ontario

Quilter Kathy said...

You're welcome! It was great to see you again! So funny that we took the same photos... creative minds think alike!

Kate said...

Looks like lots of fun.