Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quilt Canada Class #2

My second Quilt Canada class was called "Modern Quilting With Feed Dogs Up" and the teacher was Melissa Marginet from Manitoba. Just look at all the designs on this sample quilt!
This class was a whole other ballgame from yesterday's class. It used a completely different part of my brain but thankfully I discovered that this part still works well enough to learn these techniques.

Many of these designs involved measuring and some minimal marking, and were fun to sew. It really was quite a different process than free motion quilting.

These are the machines we were using, which were even more computerized versions of the ones we used in class #1. This one had some nice features, such as the automatic foot lift and pivot function that engaged whenever you stopped sewing. 
However some of the students had a lot of challenges with their machines and made good use of the technician who spent most of the day in our classroom. The needle threaders were consistently problematic, and I just didn't even bother to use mine at all.

Here is one of the quilting designs we learned, but just look at the mess on the back of my block! Can you say tension issues?!? I tried to fix the problem and was periodically successful. 

Here are some of the sample sandwiches from the students.
This class gave me lots of great ideas for designs, and my mind was spinning with plans for quilting the various UFO's that are currently in the finishing queue.
I will write more about this project on Monday when I gather up all the samples and put them on the design wall.
And tomorrow I will share some wonderful hand stitching highlights from Quilt Canada.
Thanks for reading!


canuckquilter said...

I'm a big fan of quilting with my walking foot. So many possibilities! This looks like a great class. It's too bad the machines had issues.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

With a technician in the room - there should have been a solution to the tension problems. I use my walking foot for quilting most of my work. In fact, I am in need of picking up a new WF as mine is getting a bit worn.

Janet O. said...

Fascinating! Love that vortex design. I had a book on lots of designs made using a walking foot, but I gave it away when I learned to FMQ. Maybe I should have hung on to it. : ) said...

Wow, there is alot of different designs there. As long as you had a good time, that is what is important.
Kathleen Mary

Turid said...

I love to read about your lessons. And I wish I lived closer to all this candy.

Kate said...

What a great way to get inspired to finish up your UFOs.