Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Votes For Women - Blocks #13 and #14

I am happy to share that I am almost caught up with the posted blocks for the Grandmother's Choice: Votes For Women sampler.

This is block #13 called "Everybody's Favorite: Universal Suffrage".

This is block #14 called "Bride's Knot: Invisible Women".

Both of these blocks were quick to cut and sew, so it was easy to catch up.

Are you sewing along with Barbara Brackman's Votes For Women sampler? If you are, you will already have 14 blocks sewn. Right now I only have 12 blocks, so I am going to attempt to hand piece 1 of my missing blocks (Kansas Sunflower), encouraged by the challenge issued by Deb at VTQuilter. I hope to be able to finish it by Christmas. It helps to have a deadline, and I don't have enough to do this month! LOL


Darlene said...

Just peeking over your shoulder to see what you're up to. Sweet blocks!

Doniene said...

Beautiful!! It is nice to be getting caught up! I finished last night!!

Have a great day!

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

They look good! Can't believe there have been 14 blocks already! I am following the project, but not making it for now. Keep up the good work! Love that cheddar you used!

Janet O. said...

These are great blocks. Nice to have "catch-up" be with easier blocks.
I haven't been making these but I have been enjoying watching the progress of those of you who are.

AnnieO said...

Love your fabric choices!