Friday, December 07, 2012

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

It's Quiltarama!
Many of my nieces and nephews were together last weekend for a family celebration, which is the perfect opportunity for a quilt airing. The kids could use sleeping bags for "stay awakes" (we used to call them "sleepovers", but changed the name because not much sleeping goes on!) but it's not nearly as much fun as getting out all the quilts. Pass 'em around and snuggle fun! This photo brings me great comfort and joy!
And speaking of joy, I'm hoping over to see the newly released clue #3 for Quiltville's mystery project. Hope we get to sew some aqua and green this week!
Are you joining in the fun?!? 


Teresa in Music City said...

Now that is definitely a picture to warm the heart! How wonderful to see your loved ones all snuggled up in your quilts ;*) Yep, I'm doing Easy Street. Hopping over now to see what Clue #3 looks like!

Hilachas said...

Oh, that photo brings me much joy also. What a treasure to see so many of your quilts being used and loved.

Janet O. said...

great shot of the cuddle-rama going on.
Well, at least you get to cut some lime green. : )

AnnieO said...

Stay awakes--that is the perfect name for them! My DH, who did not have sisters, had no concept of what it meant when our girls invited friends to spend the night. He actually thought they would sleep!

Anyway, all the quilts and smiling faces are terrific :)

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

The cousins look like fun and the quilts are beautiful! Looks like a great time!!

Betty said...

What lovely children!