Saturday, December 01, 2012

Grey and Brown - Typical November!

Today I will be going to my Uncle's funeral, but don't feel sad for me/us...he was not a good person on this earth, and caused a lot of grief for his wife, his son, and his sisters, so no one is actually sad today. That is truly the sign of a wasted life, when no one mourns for you.
Anyway, I'll be making sandwiches, making fruit and veggie trays, and helping my parents to host all the relatives and friends coming to town. 
Truthfully, I can't wait until after the dishes are done and everyone leaves.  I am "dying" for some quilting time today... sorry, bad joke!
I will be working on Bonnie's mystery. This is what my step #1 looks like...
130 - 4 patch blocks, in my very fancy storage system - a shoe box!
And I hope to work on step #2 of the mystery. I have all the pieces cut out and ready to stitch. I love my variety of purples/violets, and my black on white strips. I have so many special scraps that I am including in this quilt. I remember when I purchased each one. 
For example, I have a bit of my Hancocks fabric, which I purchased on my "one and only" trip to Paducah. I can't "save" it my whole life! I want to use it and include bits of it in many of the quilts that I sew. It makes me happy to see it, and to remember my wonderful quilting friends who helped me to have that amazing experience!
And I hope to sew another Knot block today for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Well, brown is the colour from last month, but I am still working away on it. I think I have the colour gradation right (or at least "good enough") for my second brown block. To see my first block, click here. To see what other RSC'ers are sewing this week, hop over to SoScrappy's.


Deb A said...

Looks good to me. Boy, you are organized on the mystery. Mine are sitting in a pile on the table in the sewing room. I need to pull my maroons and creams out for step 2 - hopefully I can start them mid week.

Sheila said...

Good start on Part 1. I just finished my late last night. I have purple pulled ready to cut.
Love your knot block in progress : )

Kathy said...

Great start on Easy Street! Prayers going out for your family... there's always a lot to process when someone passes, no matter the situation.

scraphappy said...

Hope you found some time to sew today. Funerals are never fun, even under the best of circumstances. Glad you can be there rest of the family.

Janet O. said...

A wasted life is a sad thing, isn't it?
Seeing everyone's progress on Easy Street makes me want to start NOW, but I must resist all the temptation.
The shading on your second knot looks great to me!

Lynne said...

I think the shading on that brown block is perfect!

Mary said...

I always say that Funeral starts with "FUN". You can have the best Family reunions at some of them. I hope you got that Sew time in today. I've cut my purples and B & W fabrics for part 2. Gotta get them stitched so I have something to link up with on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Northern Blog Stalker was going to start the mystery but got to cleaning out my sewing room instead. Not that I have purged a little tomorrow I will settle in for some sewing time.
Hugs to you and yours on this "hard not to be sad but seeing family day".