Sunday, December 09, 2012

Slow Sunday Stitching

Finally - it's Sunday! 
Make time to pick up a needle and thread and do some slow stitching today. Especially with the hectic rush of the season, it's important to have time to rest and relax, and catch your breath.

I got an early start this weekend... I started stitching last night when Bonnie Hunter was on QuiltCam. I took some time to relax and enjoyed hand quilting my "Journey of a Quilter" while watching Bonnie sew on one of her vintage machines. 
My daughter came in and said to me: "Are you STILL working on that quilt"!?!
I defensively say: 
"What do you mean? I just started quilting it last month!" 
Well, I guess it's true that she has seen me working on it for more than 5 years now. But that's not a very long time in quilt land! Wonder how many more years I'll be quilting on it?!? LOL
Can anyone give me ideas for quilting this large block? I am mostly quilting 1/4" inside all seam lines, but in this block, there are no seams and it's too large to have no quilting in it. Should I run a wavy stitching line across the block under each line of letters? I can't imagine shadow quilting each letter. Any other ideas?
Wasn't last week's link up so fun? We had some cross stitch, hand piecing, hand applique, hand quilting, and binding!
Link up your blog post below and show us what hand work you have been working on.


  1. Enjoy some time to breath on Sunday. It is nice to have a weekly reminder to smell the roses. I think a wavy line in your big block sounds perfect. 5 years doesn't seem like long for a quilt of that magnitude. We don't all want to make quilts in a day.

  2. this cracked me up! I have heard that before too
    your still working on that quilt????

    never thought to sit and watch Bonnie while I hand quilt
    lately I have been listening to pod casts

  3. I think wavy lines would work well.

  4. That is the beauty of handwork - it's not a race but a time to slow down and enjoy!

    I like the idea of wavy lines but I also think a stemless flower with defined petals would look very pretty in the center of the block too - like a daisy or sunflower or something like that.

  5. Still working on that quilt cracked me up. haha.
    Wavy lines would be nice. Or a meandering free motion little hearts would be sweet.

  6. Or a straight line under each line of the saying! I only say that because I think I would totally butcher trying to do a wavy line with straight stitches :)

  7. you could disregard the writing and quilt some concentric hearts or other simple shape. This weekend I am intend on finishing my little tree wallhanging. It needs some decorations and an angel for the top. I'm planning to find a nice angel pin for that and using metallic fabric wrapped around stiff fusible for the gifts.

  8. I think I would follow under the words and do the underlining, and make it look like words on a lined page. I don't think I would want anything to distract from the actual words by quilting a design over them, but would rather emphasize them by underlining them.

  9. This looks like such a lovely project! I'm no good at quilting ideas but look forward to learning.

  10. Haha ... my daughter says the same thing about her quilt that I've been working on since 2009! I'll quilt it this winter. Then it will be DONE! I have a really hard time quilting around embroidery ... especially words. I'd be tempted to swirl in and around the words. :)

  11. Your quilt looks gorgeous and how many thimbles do you wear for quilting?I use one but sometimes put one in my index finger of the left hand to push.

  12. Lots of good ideas given so far on the quilting. Good luck with a decision.
    I'm looking forward to lots of binding tonight....

  13. It is always so fun to "link up" and see what every one is working on!! So inspiring!! Your quilting is just lovely!!


  14. 5 years isn't bad, I just linked up my Eleven Year quilt. It may be a 12-year by the time I'm done but I feel like I can see the finish line :)

  15. What a lovely assortment of projects this week! So glad everyone is sharing.

  16. Very nice blocks for your colorful project. It's going to be fun to see how you end up setting the blocks in the end! I would say you could try a large crosshatch starting from one corner to the other. I would think it would disappear amongst the letters but give you the quilting you need. It could always be removed if you don't like it? Have a great day!

  17. My agree with Missie...I would do crosshatching and I don't think it would take away from the words on the block.
    I find handquilting or any hand work even knitting is very realxing after a busy day!
    Your Northern Blog Stalker