Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorite Christmas Gifts - Long Post!

Surprisingly my favorite gifts this year were not quilt related! These were my 3 most cherished gifts this year:
1) My baby sister (can I still say that when she's over 40?!?) surprised me with tickets to see Jersey Boys while I was visiting her in Michigan.  The driving was treacherous due to a boxing day storm, but she drove, and we survived, so it's all good!

The show was in a fabulous theatre in Detroit called the Fisher Theatre. It was built in the late 1920's and there was so much artistic detail to admire from the marble work, the frescoes, the sculptures, the was overwhelmingly gorgeous!
And just look at this floor many great quilt patterns!

Can you spot at least 4 different designs?!?  I was totally smitten by this amazing building! 
The Jersey Boys show was great (read a review here), lots of music from the 60's, and an interesting story line with talented actors. I did not enjoy the profanity throughout the play and was disappointed that such an artistic musical production was littered with unnecessary language. As I tell my kids, there are so many descriptive words in the english language, why would you need to repeatedly use these offensive (to me) swear words?  But we really enjoyed the talent of the 4 main actors in this dynamic production.

2) Another favorite gift was this beautiful Vera Bradley bag from my daughter. I just love it, it matched the sweater I wore the day I opened it, AND I can even sneak a little cutie dog in there with all my quilting supplies! I have never owned such a beautiful bag and feel a little ostentatious carrying it around, but it sure is beautiful!

3) And Santa brought me a Bosch coffee maker which I LOVE!  I've never had one before, and who knew it was so complicated to figure out how to use a coffee machine?!?  This was my first cup of coffee after reading pages and pages of instructions.
And this was my favorite cup of coffee ever... 
Tim Horton's brew, with a touch of cream, and a little larger touch of Peppermint Mocha Kahlua...
OMG I am in heaven!
I am going to enjoy some freshly made coffee and visit blogland to see what my quilting friends are up to today!


Darlene said...

Incredibly Christmas gifts for you to enjoy. So deserved, too.

I'm right there with you on your view of profanity. I simply don't get it. :-)

Deb A said...

Tim Hortons brew...... can I come over? I love that coffee but don't get it very often. Your Vera bag is lovely especially with such a cute doggie in there. The play sounds great - I totally agree with you on the language. I wish people would realize that using it just makes you sound uneducated.
I see so many quilt patterns in that picture! Awesome.

kadyb said...

Thanks for sharing - these are awesome gifts! I'm glad you had such a good time with your sister. Mine are all far away, so I only get to see them on occasion. Happy new year!

Janet O. said...

You were well-gifted, Kathy!
That looks like an amazing theater, with lots of quilting inspiration in the bargain!
What a lovely bag, and you matched it perfectly. It makes a great puppy caddy--so cute. : )
It is sad when offensive language mars something that would be stellar without it.

Angie said...

Such fun - thanks for sharing! A production of Jersey Boys is coming to New Orleans this year - had been thinking of taking DH, so now I will really put forth the effort. And Peppermint Mocha Kahlua is new to me - so now I'll have to look for some. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!!

Kate said...

You must have been at the top of Santa's "nice" list. I really love those coffee makers once I have the instructions figured out, not so much before I reach that point.

Jeanne said...

You were given wonderful gifts! The Fisher Theatre is one of the most beautiful venues. We saw Jersey Boys in Lansing and loved it. Your Vera Bradley bag is lovely!