Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retreat Report Day 1

We enjoyed a great first day at quilt retreat. We trudged through the snow to unload all our equipment and projects, but everyone got here safely.
 I forced myself to sew a couple of arcs for my Indian Orange Peel, and then brought out a new project....a pattern from the Blue Underground Studios called Labyrinth, but wasn't feeling the love for that project :)

The internet access here is terrible. I frequently get messages like ..."failed to open page" or "the server unexpectedly dropped the connection. Wait for a few minutes and try again." I am used to high speed internet access so this is painfully slow for me and I don't have the patience to wait when my sewing awaits! I'm not sure if this post will actually go through successfully but we shall see. Retreat reports may not be as frequent as I was hoping, and although I tried for a half hour to post a photo, that was unsuccessful! The photos have appeared...woohoo!


Diane said...

I feel your downloading frustration!! But have a great time retreating-

Anonymous said...

Very jealous a quilting retreat!!! Say hello to Barbie too!! Enjoy yourselves.
hugs Scrappy Nanna (Northern Blog Stalker)

Gari in AL said...

I remember when we had an internet connection just like that at home: how frustrating. However, we really appreciate your keeping us up to date on what you are doing, and we are NOT!