Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Civil War Wednesday

Do you suffer from a case of "Startitis"?!?
I learned about this from blogger Tracy at Fiber Babble - click here to read her post called "If There's A Cure for This". She admits to collecting patterns for 24 BOM projects!
Now, I thought I had a severe case of "Startitis" but it's not nearly as bad as Tracy's illness! I initially tried to resist looking at the projects on her list, but I caved and looked at every single one - no will power :(
I had already started collecting the blocks for a couple of these projects but had not started any stitching. And now I may or may not be collecting for a couple more...thanks a lot Tracy! LOL
But I must admit that I had started the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman on her Civil War Quilts blog. Each Saturday she is posting an 8" block pattern and a civil war story.
I am making only the pieced blocks since I don't love applique (yet?) and am making my blocks in civil war reproduction blues. This might become a gift for my Mom who loves antique looking blue and white, but honestly I am finding it very boring to work with this colour palette, so we'll see how long I last!
The first 2 blocks went together easily, but the 2 blocks on the left, I would consider "advanced piecing" and I loved the challenge!


  1. I cannot say I have a case of Startitis since I've been pretty much completing everything I've started with a few exceptions. ;o) But, I can see how it can get out of hand!

    Your blocks are looking lovely! Barbara Brackman is so sweet to be posting these blocks. I do enjoy reading her blog. I love reproductions, hence why it is a specialty at the Shoppe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a mild case of startitis, but I'm trying to cure myself of the condition. But it's so hard to ignore so many wonderful projects that appeal to us, calling our names. And if they're free projects, then ignoring them is so much harder.

    I like your blue CW blocks. I'm trying to stay caught up on them. One a week is a nice pace.

  3. I call myself Queen Startsalot! :-D So I know exactly how you feel... I just printed off Thread Heads Quilt along blocks -- and got my first Sue Garman "Friends of Baltimore" BOM in the mail. There is NO WAY I'll get to that this year, but it's so scrumptious, and I wanna dive in! LOL Hang in there -- that's what Judy's UFO challenge is for!! Wonder how many of those she'll have to do to get all my projects done!? Beaufiful blues! I've printed off Barbara's patterns, just not started. Yet. :-D
    Mary Lou

  4. I think I also have "startitis". I love the fabric you're using but you can do some red and brown if you want because it'll perfectly match the ones you've already had.

  5. I think you might have the worst startitis I've seen, but you do manage to finish a few as well:) The blues are beautiful, but I also found that I had trouble getting motivated using a strictly blue palate. Too restful perhaps?

  6. Hi Kathy, I just popped in to invite you to visit my blog and enter my OWOH give-away. I won your "Kisses and a Hug" in 2008 - it still hangs in my studio and I still LOVE it!
    I've tried to take credit for it but everyone knows I could never have done it! :-D
    PS: I have startitis, too! Let me count how many projects I have going....

  7. I don't suffer from startitis but I enjoy everyone that does. I think you might think you've suffering from a bad thing but I personally think you're just creating inspiration. :-) Don't stop now - I love it.

    I'm sorry you're bored with that color palette I really like your blocks.

  8. Well, you notice that I am collecting BOM patterns but there's been no proof of actually starting them yet! Actually I have started one, but it was a 2010 (maybe 2009). I guess the others just need to be properly "aged" before I get to them!

    Okay, about those boring blocks - or rather the color palette? What if you built blocks as leaders/enders? Then you would only have to look at a few pieces at a time (and could work on *another* project that you do like. Like maybe a new BOM???).

    That's the way I build log cabin blocks. They bore me to tears, but I like the end result. If I leader/ender them, it's kinda like fooling myself into making them!

  9. **snort**
    Startitis! LOVE IT! Great word that describes waaaaaaay too many of us! ;0)

    Love the Civil War blocks!

  10. Yep, have to admit "guilty" of startitis too. Must be a contagious disease among us. How are you doing on J of a Quilter BOM? I'm STILL on block 7...and stuck there.

  11. I love the blue and white blocks. I made the first two CW blocks and had decided to stop but after seeing your blocks. . . it makes me want to catch up and go make the other blocks. Startitis - stopitis - Startitis Again

  12. You have gotten me to drag out a BOM from 2009! So far, only five blocks are finished, and I am thinking I need to get a few more cranked out. I just joined a new BOM, and think I need to get this one done before starting the new one!

  13. It might be boring to work with, but it looks great!

  14. I must have the disease too. It's very contagious with all the germs floating around in blogland! I like your blue blocks and I love blue but I think it would be boring to me too. I never thought about just doing the pieced blocks, duh. I'm not a fan of applique. In fact, I consider it the A word. I have stopped working on several quilts and they've become UFO's because of this. Ooh, that might be a side effect of startitis, you think? Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll do the applique blocks either. I didn't see any rule that said you had to do all of the blocks, and I don't have any Quilt Police living close to me...