Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Project

Since I finished a quilt this week, it only makes sense that I should start a new, right?!?
QM scrap squadB3 Scrap Quilt Ideas: Beths Stars in My Crayon BoxIt is time to start my next Scrap Squad assignment. I am sewing a pattern that will be published in the next issue of Quiltmaker magazine.
These are some of the fabrics I have pulled out to start sewing my "Sand and Sea" quilt. They may or may not end up in the final quilt... we shall see what develops.  I'm not sure the clown fish will end up in the quilt as they do tend to be attention hogs :)
I have started cutting and sewing 200 HST blocks.
It has been so fun being part of the 2015 Scrap Squad. We have finished the first assignment, and 4 versions of the same pattern have been shared on the Quilty Pleasures Blog. The first photo is the original pattern by Kari Ramsay.
QMMP 150400 PRISMS 506 Scrap Quilt Ideas: Kathys Pointed Prisms
This is my version of Kari's pattern:

Here is Pam Snow's version of the same pattern:
photo 17 A edited 1 Scrap Quilt Ideas: Pam Snows @ the circus

And here is Julie Huffman's version
scrap 002 825x1024 Scrap Quilt Ideas: Julies Gemstones Quilt
Isn't it amazing to see how 4 quilters made the same pattern in their own unique way?!? That is creativity at it's best!


Lesley said...

Wow! All the quilts are stunning! Congrats on your gorgeous finish!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, these are all great!

I love the stash you are going to use for your next quilt.

Happy creating ~ FlowerLady

Nell's Quilts said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with next! The fabrics look so beachy (is that a word) and fun!

Deanna W said...

I like the fishy fabric!! It always amazes me how one pattern can look so different when done by different quilters!

Janet O. said...

You just can't trust those clown fish, that's for sure!! *LOL*
What great twists on the same pattern. I look forward to seeing the next batch.

Mary said...

I hope the Fish shows up in this New Project. QM will keep you busy with New Starts this year. Can't wait for the Reveals of it. I'm glad you and Julie are on the Squad! Creativity is evident in your versions!

Rebecca said...

I love scrap squad!!!!

Judy Dietrich said...

Don't tell the others---but I like your scrap squad version best!!! Very colorful & fun fabrics. Good luck on the triangles & picking fabrics for the new project.

Terri said...

They truly are different. That last one seems like a different pattern.
Thanks for sharing those with us.

Lisa J. said...

It's interesting how different the quilts are. I like them all.

Julie said...

What a great idea to show all the quilts from the pattern! It was fun to do. I love your new project fabrics. I'm glad to have mine done since I am first up on the blog this time!

Bonnie said...

Nothing like a deadline to motivate a quilter. Love the differences on the first scrap squad quilts. It amazes me that color placement can change the look so much. Thanks for sharing.