Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More about Ricky...

You didn't think that I would only write one blog post about my day with Ricky, did you? My family is certainly tired of hearing about him, so maybe you are too?
This is what I'm pondering today...

Border feathering in Ricky's quilt
**Ricky reminded me of how much I enjoy feather quilting! I love the look of feathers and can't get enough of them. But honestly... just look at Ricky's feathers! He generously shared so many tips about his technique and I am reading over his notes, wondering if I am brave enough to try his method of bobbin feathers combined with micro stippling?!? So beautiful!  For sure I will be looking for places to quilt more feathers, even if I just use my own method for now.

**I think the best you can hope for as a quilting teacher is to you inspire someone enough to keep progressing in their own life and/or quilting journey. And Ricky did that and so much more for me. 
ordinary miracles
From Beyond Waiting
He inspired me to be my ordinary self in the telling the story of the salesman who sold a sewing machine to his granny, which was a sale that changed the future. When his granny died, Ricky reluctantly inherited her old sewing machine. Because of her old sewing machine, Ricky learned to quilt, and that dramatically changed his life. We all have opportunities to do ordinary things that change peoples' lives now and in the future, in ways we will never know.

**There are many types of inspiration - visual, technical skill, spiritual, auditory, musical, just to name a few. I got it all filled up, full to the top and flowing over on Saturday. I discovered for the first time that a human brain can only take in so much information, beauty and  inspiration at one time. I have never experienced that in my life before. 
So here's a line from Ricky's Granny that I will always remember, and you have to picture him saying it in his "South Canada" Texan accent:
"Nothin's ever happened that couldn't have been worse".
So here's a song to start your day, by Great Big Sea from Newfoundland,  since that's where Ricky is today...


  1. A delightful and very thoughtful post today.

  2. I know what you mean! I had a 3-day Seminar with Ricky Alex and Melinda Bula. Major Overload in my Brain. So much Inspiration and I loved his FAST, Easy & Fun methods. I loved his Granny Stories.

  3. High praise and I'm sure, well worth it.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I certainly understand the feeling of being overwhelmed -- that usually happens to me by lunchtime in a full day class. I wonder what the retreat is like?!

  5. Hard to come back down to earth after experiences like that. Ride the high while it lasts!
    I remember my first "system overload" experience--I got a migraine. Glad you didn't have to deal with that. : )
    Enjoyed the song.

  6. That kind of inspiration is invaluable.:)

  7. I was having an off morning...and headed to guild where my spirits were picked up with the company of like minded people and all the beautiful work we all create. We even talked about Ricky and his visit to Mount Forest!