Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fearless Slow Sunday Stitching

Welcome to Slow Sunday Stitching! 
Today's topic is being fearless! 
I am teaching an intuitive hand beading class at my local quilt guild next year and have had a few people ask me multiple questions about the class while trying to determine if:
1) they would like it, and/or 
2) if they could realistically be successful.


Okay people... let's start the pep talk with a quote from Megan who blogs over at The Bitchy Stitcher said:

"If you make ANYTHING, you are a magician."

I love that!
If you have an interest, if you are drawn in any way to a topic, a book, a class, a quilt pattern, or a person, then trust that there is something magical about that interest, that it might be your invitation to an adventure waiting for you, and maybe a fresh new experience to learn and to grow.
Some of my beaded bindings

So, all you magicians out there... open up your craft bins, enjoy all the sparkly items you have collected over the years because you were drawn to them, fearlessly open up your UFO closets and see what magic you can create with all this stuff! And have some FUN!!

Indian cooking class supplies
The worst that can happen is that you hate the technique and never touch the supplies again. That's okay! I took an Indian cooking class once. It was a blast and I learned a ton. And I will never try cooking this again because it was way too much work to create something that might taste good and will be gone/eaten within minutes! I learned that my truth is... I would rather be stitching and painting and beading, and buy take out Indian food! But I am delighted that I tried to learn, because I want to be a life long learner and someone who embraces new experiences. 
So here is your personal money back guarantee for any life adventures you are drawn to:
Be fearless!
I personally guarantee you will enjoy something about the experience, have at least one interesting conversation with a fellow human, and learn at least one invaluable life lesson OR crafting technique (both are equally valuable) that interests you.
Optional: you might have FUN, even if you don't enjoy it or are terrible at it!
Be a fearless magician! Go sign up for that class you have been wondering about! Try that technique you've been interested in!
We hope you will link up your blog post below and tell us about the hand stitching project you are working on right now so that we can encourage you in your magical slow stitching progress!


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  1. I love this post and the magician quote. I am usually willing to try any craft once. If I hate it, so be it. If I like it I will happily do it over and over again. I just learned how to make quilted Christmas ornaments and I am in love with them. Oh no, another craft to add to the growing list.

  2. Sometimes your posts are so timely! I commented to Steph at DawnChorusStudio lately on her Improv quilting, saying that I feel drawn to try but am nervous at the same, I'm thinking that will be my goal in the New Year

  3. Makes me want to pick up my crazy quilting again! I didn't know you did such lovely bead work. Wish I lived close enough to take your class!

  4. You are a really good motivator, you know that? I really love the suggestion to think of trying new things for the magical things that might happen. I can think of all sorts of ways to apply this to various things I do, or teach others to do.

  5. Great post! I do like the magician quote, I may have to borrow it.

  6. LOVE your pep talk this morning Kathy! Sometimes we really need to hear that so we can drop all that burden of "creating perfection" and just have FUN!!!

  7. Truly great advice, I tried oil painting some years ago, I don't have any talent for it, but I still enjoyed it, and I still do some today!

  8. Well said and super encouraging!

  9. I have had a very fearless week! I was reveling to write my post today and share with you ... glad I came and read while a few pics were uploading... you so inspire me with your Sunday blog linky! Kathi

  10. Wise words of wisdom!! We all need to be reminded every now and again to step out of the box and maybe just maybe you will enjoy yourself!

  11. Great quote! It is good to stretch oneself even if they don't always work out! Your bead work is gorgeous.

  12. Beading can add so much interest to a quilt. I am glad you are able to share your talent while encouraging your readers.

  13. What a great post Kathy! Being fearless is a great way to approach so much of what we do with our quilting/crafts.:)

  14. Loved your experience and thoughts on the Indian cooking class. : )
    When I teach soap making there are those that walk out saying, "That was easier than I thought it would be." On the other hand, there will also ALWAYS be those that leave saying, "That is too complicated. I will never do it." To each his own--but you will never know if you don't try.

    1. Oh, forgot to say your beading is incredible! Love the beaded bindings.

  15. You are so very right! I love your attitude - so positive and encouraging! I've been wanting to try foundation paper piecing for at least a year - guess what's on my Quilty Dreams 2017 list? :) Thank you!

  16. I have just started to show some of my non-quilting work to world and I am so glad I did! Your post is so timely - thank you so much!

  17. Such a great post! Even if it's not something you end up liking you don't know that till you try.

  18. What a great post! I like your attitude, like the quote, like that you are encouraging us all to keep pushing outside our comfort zones, and like the lovely beadwork too. :-)