Thursday, August 16, 2018

More Blockheads II

Alternate block #8 - 6" pieced pineapple 

While I had my Sweetwater Harmony fabric spread all over the sewing table, I continued sewing more blocks to hopefully catch up to the current Blockheads II patterns being posted.
Thanks to Pam and Julie who directed me to the pieced pineapple pattern (instead of the applique version of block #8). The pattern is by Corey Yoder and can be found here. I love how my fabrics worked with this design.

Then I tackled the redrafting of block #5 called "Impact". The original pattern is a 24" block which was way too large for me. This is my version which finishes at 12". Instead of plain squares I added a star block in the centre space, and double 4 patch blocks in the corners. It was quite a challenge, but felt very rewarding when it was done!
Getting so close to being caught up... 3 more to go!


  1. I just love your re-drafted block...and what a fun pineapple pattern. Thanks for the link!

  2. Love it. I like those fabrics you are using too.

  3. I LOVE that pineapple block! Would be fun making a whole quilt out of those :-). Great job on redrafting that large block too!

  4. I really like your versions of these two blocks, Kathy!