Thursday, August 09, 2018

The Squirrel Club

Did you see that Julie started a new club for scrap quilters who are easily distracted? It's called "The Squirrel Club".
Do you know anyone who might fit that description? 
I'm looking at YOU! 
And you're probably looking at me!

I have already made one Scrap Vortex quilt and it's one of my all time favourite quilts. It started in 2015 when Amanda Jean had a quiltalong and my friend Gail double dog dared me to start one... read about it here. At times I thought my scraps looked boring compared to other quilters, but in the end it made one heck of a fun quilt!

Have you made a scrap vortex quilt yet? Are you thinking of starting one?
If you need more inspiration, hop over to Linda's blog post over at Art in Search to see her wonderful collection of scrappy blocks. And Julie has posted her vortex quilt here.
Debby's vortex

Just look at my friend Debby's scrappy blocks on my design wall. She is learning to be a scrap quilter and all these bits are Tula Pink fabrics. I think we have pulled her right into the vortex! Yippee another convert!

Of course I want to start another one myself. It's the perfect mindless sewing project. 
So what are you waiting for?!? 
Get out your scrap bags, bins and boxes and get sewing!


  1. I think I have three squirrels this month (one is entirely thanks to you😅) and have promised myself no new starts this year!!! But....I have been intrigued by these scrappy quilts...darn it all!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I am going to start a Vortex quilt. I'm of the old school that you use every last drop...errrr...scrap.
    xx, Carol

  3. Didn’t you know? When I look up Squirrel Quilter in my quilter dictionary it has YOUR picture???

  4. If there ever was a club that all quilters should or could belong to...The Squirrel club would be it!!! haha

  5. I can TOTALLY relate to the Squirrel Club! I think I might qualify to be the club president. Just yesterday I received an email from a quilt shop and had signed up for two new BOMs within 15 minutes of the message hitting my inbox. And then there's the pattern and template set I ordered Monday night while scanning Instagram posts. And that's just this week! Aarrgghhhh!!!

  6. there any one of us who wouldn't belong in that nuthouse? Like you, my favorite quilts are the scrappiest.

  7. I started a Scrap Vortex back when Amanda Jean first did the QAL, but I was spending too much time trying to match up sizes and keep colors random, so I now have two or three platic shoe boxes with partial pieces in one and bits and bobs in one and strings in another. I seem to have too many dark pieces which is funny because I make a lot of kids quilts in bright primary colors. Then I got started doing 4.5 and 6.5" crumb blocks in RSC colors. But,not to worry, I definitely qualify for the Squirrel Club with way too many other scrap projects in process. Now if I would just finish something.

  8. I try to keep the squirrels at bay by feeding them elsewhere! But I will admit, they do come around occasionally

  9. LOL--great club, and we could all probably be charter members!
    I am hiding from squirrels lately. The number of UFOs in my closets and cupboards is starting to overwhelm me again. I need finishes!! But first I just need to find time to sew.

  10. I started a scrap vortex earlier this year (and passed the spark to my quilting friend). THIS week I joined with JulieK Quilts — Log Canin Loonies. We are making 4.5” log cabin blocks with our 1” strips (my box was overflowing!!). I’m loving these seeet little blocks!

  11. I have made three scrap vortex quilts. Funny thing that I still have tons of scraps...

  12. Hi Kathy. If you all are looking for somewhere to link up. Sandra at mmmquilts has a linkup Drop Everything and make just for squirrels once a month.

  13. At this point, squirrels seem to be my life!
    (When I first saw that picture of your Scrap Vortex, I didn't see the 'S' and thought "oh, I can relate to that.")

  14. I might just do that! I've been looking at my scraps and trying to settle on the quilt(s) I want to make with them, and this one is definitely in the running!

  15. I've banished the squirrels for the year. I'm trying very, very hard to get some UFOs off the list for a change.