Wednesday, August 22, 2018

New Project

I attended another wonderful mystery class with Deb Beirnes. Remember I told you about her last month? Click here for the reminder.  Deb is a quilt teacher extraordinaire who plans a project, picks out and CUTS the fabric, teaches how to make the quilt, AND makes the students a lovely meal?!?  She fills up our tummies and our hearts! This is a cute photo of Deb before the big reveal of the project at our last class.

Here is the fabric pile that each student received at the beginning of the class.
Total deliciousness in blues.
The strip across the middle is for the binding. Yes... the binding is all ready and waiting to be applied, so get sewing!
In this class we learned how to make Anita's Arrowhead blocks. You can download the free pattern here if you want to give it a try. We used 8" squares, but you can also make it using 10.5" squares for a bigger block.

As the class went along I made a couple of major errors. I blame my fellow students for their hilarious chatter which was distracting me! This was a huge error and not even close to how it should be cut. At the time I was really frustrated with myself but the photo sure makes me smile!

This photo also makes me smile because unknowingly I wore a blouse that perfectly matched the mystery project! 
What are the chances of that?!?
Here I am sorting the squares and matching a light with a dark.

The sewing machine I took to the class was Lucy my 1953 long bed 301 Singer. She enjoyed the outing as much as I did and had a great workout, making a consistently perfect stitch all day even though she is 65 years old and is technically old enough to retire! 

first 4 blocks

I forgot to bring my camera to the class (serious blogger infraction) so the photos are courtesy of my friend Debby. Here are my first 4 blocks, which I couldn't wait to sew together. There are a few seams to match in joining the blocks, but they went together quite easily.
I love this project so much that I intend to increase the size of the quilt exponentially using blues from my stash. And I'm also thinking of how the math might work out to make miniature blocks...  so fun!

Thanks once again to Deb and my fellow students for a wonderful day!

***I found the link to directions for all block sizes! You just know that I'm going right to the sewing room to experiment!

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Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

I've done bunches of that Anita's Arrowhead!! It is fun and quick.

Louise said...

Oh, I love that block! Anita's methods are so fast and easy, and I'll bet they were extra fun to learn from Deb :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I bet that was fun - the old machines sure do work nice don't they!

Jeanne Bishop said...

Anita used to have a page on her blog with all the cutting sizes to make Anita's Arrowheads in various sizes. I just checked and couldn't find it on her site, but you might find it through a search.

Mary said...

Oh my, what a fun way to teach!! The Blues are great with your matching shirt.

Deanna W said...

Looks like so much fun. Would love to take a class with Deb B.

Janet O. said...

Loving those blocks!
need to check that link to see how small the instructions go. :)

Kate said...

Very pretty blocks! Sounds like you had a great time.