Friday, June 01, 2018

New Blockheads Project Fabric

Did you know there is another sampler project coming our way from the Moda designers?
I'm excited about the new Blockheads starting in June, but I have decided that I'm not going to allow myself to start it until my Blockheads #1 project is finished. I mean, a quilter has to have SOME discipline, don't they?!?!
So if I really meant business, that would mean finishing how many blocks?  Okay now... where are those blocks?!? LOL 

While I search for those, I'll show you the fabric I bought for the new Blockheads II (which I might not start until I finish Blockheads I)!
When Thelma posted her Harmony II quilt made from the new Harmony line from Sweetwater, I was totally smitten. 

And here is it! This will magically become a quilt over the next year, or two, or three, or....
Are you starting the new Blockheads II?


  1. We always have to have something new...or life would get boring..well in the quilting world anyways!!

  2. I think I did 4 blocks of the first one and got sidetracked. I'll just enjoy this one watching you make your blocks! Pretty fabrics.

  3. I'm being very tempted to start Blockheads 2 but I'm committed to finishing up my UFQ's. I probably won't join but I'll watch your progress. Your fabrics are beautiful! Happy stitching!

  4. Pretty bundle! How will you resist cutting into it? :)

  5. I have to finish the first one, too! I'll save all the new blocks to my computer and decide after a few months if I want to start another sampler. So many things already on my "want to make" list. Love the bundle you've chosen! It should work up into a beautiful quilt.

  6. No, I do not plan on doing the Blockheads II. I think I made a block or two from Blockheads I. I have seen some very nice quilts made using the blocks. Just not enough hours in the day for every thing I would like to sew. Your blue and yellow fabrics look pretty in the bundle and I look forward to seeing what the blocks will look like using them.