Sunday, January 06, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching - Inspiration

From where do good ideas grow?
How do you find inspiration and direction for your next quilt or quilting design?
For me, there seem to have evolved two streams of inspiration:
1) Reading quilt blogs, quilt books, and quilt magazines.
I love to read, and especially enjoy reading anything quilt related. I have a pile of magazines which are flagged with projects I will do someday (unlikely) and many books with techniques I want to try (possible), but these days I am mostly addicted to the internet/blogging sites and inspired by quilts I see on line that I would love to make (probable).

2) In quiet reflection.
It's a rare occurrence in many homes to have quiet time. Many of my friends and relatives have the television on 24/7 with the constant noise and distraction of sports and drama. 
You can probably guess that in my house, it's mostly quiet. When I am home, I am cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning, walking the dog, and endlessly moving items/clothing/junk from one place to another. If I am not doing chores, I am either talking to my kids, reading, quilting or sleeping. Very boring and quiet and perfect (for me). I enjoy the relaxing mindfulness, and dreaming about the quilts I might make, the colours I might use, and the quilty adventures I might have.

“I must try to be alone for part of each year . . . and part of each day . . . in order to keep my core, my center . . . Women must be still as the axis of a wheel in the midst of her activities . . . She must be the pioneer of achieving this stillness, not only for her own salvation, but for the salvation of family life, of society, perhaps even of our civilization.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift From the Sea (one of my favorite books!)

I am wishing you all a Happy New Year full of inspiration and lots of stitching time in 2013!
Today I plan to enjoy more hand quilting on my "Journey of a Quilter". I have finished the center block quilting...oh, I just noticed on the photo that I haven't finished the framing lines! LOL 
Thank you for all the ideas shared on how to quilt this block (see the comments on  this blogpost). I enjoyed reading all the creative suggestions and look forward to using them on future blocks, but decided to try the wavy line idea, and am very pleased with how it turned out.
Maybe you can see it better in black and white?
I invite you to link up your hand stitching blog post below and share what you will be working on today.


Kate said...

With a teen in the house, there is usually music on somewhere in the house. Thankfully, I can close the door to the sewing room and stitch in silence when I want to.

Journe of a quilter is looking good. Enjoy your quiet stitching time this week.

Deb A said...

I tend to have no noise while working in the sewing room. That is my relaxing time. Beautiful quilting as always Kathy.

Denise :) said...

Our home tends to stay quiet ... unless the wrens are out front making a racket (as they are wont to do)! I like the sentiment expressed by your current stitchery! :)

Gari in AL said...

I used to be a 24/7 white noise person with the TV running all of the time. Now it seems that there is quiet here more and more. I still like something running when I am sewing as it gives me something to look away from the machine and readjust my mind and eyes. But when I am doing other things, like now, I like the peace and quiet. Maybe I am finally growing, just more content within myself. :-)

cajunquilter said...

I spend a big part of each weekday with silence in the house. Weekends hubby and son are here more and they will have a tv on. If I am sitting and hand sewing I will have something on that I can listen and not really watch.

Lesley said...

Oh Kathy, How did I miss your Journey of a Quilter! It is fantabulous! For the past two hours, before and after church, I have been googling to find the pattern...a stunning quilt and one I would love to add to my wish list. You have inspired me...even if it takes five years to make. Enjoy your stitching Sunday!

sophie said...

Gifts of the Sea is one of my all-time favorite and many times gifted books, too.

I have a hand-appliqué project planned for today, but it's a stealth project and I won't be able to share it ... yet.

Janet O. said...

I echo Sophie. LOVE that book. I have given it as a gift many times and my copy is heavily marked!

Carrie P. said...

Your life sounds like mine, minus the dog since my pups have gone to doggy heaven. Still haven't felt like getting another pet yet.
I like my home quiet most times. I am very content with my life.

audrey said...

Wonderful quote! I love it when the house gets quiet and I can hear myself think.:)

Ellen said...

Most of the time I don't mind a noisy house. My eldest son returned home to help my husband with the basement reno and he is constantly making music with many different instruments and singing away. As a matter of fact, he doesn't work today and he is playing piano right now. Once in a while I long for some peace and quiet.