Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quilty Adventure

Yesterday I was invited to teach a miniature quilt making class for the Hamilton Quilters GuildIt's not too far from my house, and should have been easy to get to, but just because I've been somewhere once, doesn't mean I can get there again, if they stick a new round-about on my path! 
Study this diagram and see how helpful it is! 


I detest round-abouts!!

So, this is the first sign that confused me.
Okay...I want #8.

Now what does this sign in the middle of the highway mean!?!?
Is highway #8 gone now?
Where is it?!? I need #8 east?!?

There should be a little sign on the bottom that reads..."for those of you who screwed up at the roundabout and are frantically searching for highway #8 east, make a U-turn right now"!  
Clearly I need to be on the signage committee!

And this is the sign I missed first time through the round-about when I was trying not to hit anyone, while I figured out my exit.
Oh...if you want to go east, you need to turn right/south as you exit the round-about, 
and you don't actually keep driving east until you end up on the 403 east to Toronto, panicking and unable to turn around, when you really want to go to Flamboro, which is supposed to be to the east!  
Breathe...breathe...try to access your logical left brain problem solving skills...breathe :)

Needless to say, I was late for the class (OMG) and I'm sure they thought I was not going to show up. I got a few more grey hairs yesterday I'll tell you that!! 
And I'm asking Santa for a GPS next Christmas!
But eventually I found them and what a great classroom space they have, with lots of windows, tables to use, and room to spread out.
I was so happy to see a former mini quilt student from about 13 years ago (Hi Jan!) and my former neighbour who lived 2 doors down from me when I was a teenager, and whose niece is now dating my son (Hi Sandra!) ...what a small world it is sometimes!
And what a great day it was!
These quilters were game to tackle anything, and they fearlessly tried out some of the tiny little blocks. They had great scrap bins and fabric collections to make projects from. And there was not one bit of swearing throughout the mini quilt challenges of the day! 
Here they are holding various blocks and projects and mini quilts.  Thanks so much to all the students for your patience (especially Barb) and for such a fun quilty day!


WeedyMama said...

Not living in a corner of the world where there are many "round abouts" I can understand your dilemma. They drive me crazy! I'm still chuckling over the wonky donkey!
My Slow Sunday has been knitting. I hurt my knee just before Christmas and I'm still hobbling around.
Love your blog.

Jevne said...

I also hate roundabouts and avoid them whenever possible. We live in a town of 25,000. We have a mayor that likes roundabouts and since he became mayor 5 have been built with a 6th planned for next year.

Heather said...

I am all for roundabouts but not for people who won't learn how to use them even when they drive them everyday. Not referring to your Kathy since they are not in your neighbourhoood, but there are plenty near me and they make for a quicker drive. The signage on them has improved over the past few years, but it's not the best yet. always remember to signal your exit and don't try and drive threw them as fast a possible. Glad you made it to your class. How great it must have been to view that table full of minis.

Debbie said...

Lots of round abouts in France...I can totally relate!

cajunquilter said...

they have installed alot of them around here and people are so confused with how to use them. I hate them.

Lesley said...

Love those wonderful little quilts on the tables. Are they all yours? Gorgeous!

Carol S. said...

I really hate those roundabouts so I feel your pain. Looks like lots of adorable mini quilts on that table. :O)

Janet O. said...

Only two roundabouts that I know of within 10 miles of my home. I get nervous as I approach them. Even if I know what I am doing (which I don't always), will everyone else know what they are doing? : )
Love all those minis. Would love to have been in that class.

audrey said...

Oh my goodness, roundabouts totally confuse me. I can completely relate! Thankfully you had something worthwhile to make your day better!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh dear...welcome to English driving.. Only backwards :-)
Every time my mother visits she tries to understand our roundabouts and I never understood why she needs to know... But she lives in Hamilton! So that's why.. Only she could do with watching through a mirror :-)

Linda said...

Wow, I guess we are lucky, we don't have any roundabouts here. We have high fives and lots of highways with lots of bypasses and they get confusing as you don't know which lane to be in...but thank goodness, we don't have any of those! I'm glad you made it and it looks like you had a great time. A great display on the table!

Leo said...

Ohh I so feel for you and the roundabouts. I have a good friend who lives in a village that got a "safer" road (that is roundabouts and not crossings) So wehn I go there I have to go through a 2 lane roundabout first, followed within 5 minutes by 3 smaller roundabouts till I'm finally past that and can actually drive into the village.

Gari in AL said...

I, too, hate roundabouts (which we don't have in the south). We once got a ticket in MA for going around three times: couldn't figure out where or how to get off the stupid thing.

Jeanne said...

I don't like roundabouts. Glad you were able to find your destination. Looks like a fun day.