Tuesday, January 25, 2022

UFO Update

I've been deep into sewing mystery quilts this month, so my January UFO was a little delayed. But I still have a few days to finish it up. 

backing, batting and quilt top

I had this pile ready to proceed for a while - the backing pieced (only 5 pieces to sew together), the batting cut, the quilt top pressed, and the threads chosen. That's a lot accomplished already, but it's not a finished quilt yet!

Pin basting has started with my handy dandy Kwik Clip tool (to close the safety pins easily). While I'm basting, I talk to the quilt and come up with some possible quilting designs. Since this is a medallion quilt, I've decided to quilt it from the centre out, making the decisions as I come to each round.


Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Another beauty, Kathy. I loved your version of Rhododendron Trail in your last post . Super cute sewing machine blocks too. You always have such fun projects going on. Happy quilting.

audrey said...

I love that you talk to the quilt to come up with what to do going forward. Most of the time it feels like my quilts just tell me what they want or are giving me the silent treatment, it's never a true back and forth! lol Medallion quilts are usually quite fun to quilt--good luck with yours! And your Rhodi quilt top posted Monday turned out so nice! I really like the unexpected elements in the outer border and the soft background glow from the inside of the quilt. So very nice.:)

Mary said...

And the Quilt talks back. Great plan to Gett it done this weekend. Last of my Birthday month. Gotta stitch as much as possible.

scraphappy said...

Quilting following the same inside out pattern you used to make the quilt sounds perfect for this one. Glad it told you what it wanted while you were getting it pinned. It is going to be a beauty.