Friday, January 14, 2022

Quiltville Mystery

It's Friday once again! It's so fun to have a Quiltville mystery step reveal each Friday and I'll be sad when this is finished. 

I've kept up with each step so far and here are some of my blocks from part 7. Sorry for the dark photo taken at night, but you get the general idea. These blocks were enjoyable to sew and I like how they look on the design wall on their own.

I'm excited to see what Bonnie is posting for us this morning!


maggie fellow said...

nice progress - I am still on clue 5

Sharon Kwilter said...

They look great. I'm excited to finish this mystery quilt as well.

Mary said...

Looks good, I will be stitching tomorrow. Might make my sashing wider to add to the measurements and avoid the paper piecing

ButterZ said...

Well. The reveal is out. What do you think.