Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Thread Challenge

Did you see on the Jolly Jabber blog that they have issued a "sew down" challenge for 2022? The goal is to sew with a cone of Aurifil and see how long it takes you to finish the cone. 

Aurifil spools
I love these cones of 50 weight thread and have a few Aurifil cones on the go. My most used cone is a darker grey and a beige, but I have finished both of those recently...and several others!

I have opened my new white thread cone and whenever I can sew with white, I will use this cone and see how long it lasts.

You can enter the sew down contest by posting on instagram, which I will do right now at my account "ssskat7".


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I wish my machine was set up better to use a cone - I can't place it on the top of my machine as the thread comes off sideways - to use the cone you have to set it to the side and mine seems to have to stand on a small stack of something to have it unwind smoothly - seeing as I don't leave my machine in the same spot all the time I have to always move it back but I do have cones sent to me by another and need to get busy using them.

Deanna W said...

Not sure about thread cones but last year I keep all the empty spools and there was a large ziploc bag full...sadly I don't have as many this year. Time to empty the container and start again!!

Janet O. said...

I love those cones, but I sew on 2 or 3 different machines, and use lots of different colors, so hardly any cones ever gets "finished".
Cute spool tree. :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I always keep my empty spools/cones thru the year - helps with re-order of inventory close to the end of the year. Then I amo all set with new thread thru the next year.