Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Will you actually like quilt retreat?

Quilting retreats sound like so much fun when you're reading about them on a blog, but how do you know if you would enjoy attending a quilt retreat? I think it's similar to any kind of adventure, because if you are open minded and flexible, you can have fun anywhere (well, not on a coronavirus cruise!)
If you are a person who is particular and needs things (beds, food, people, etc) to be a certain way for you to be happy, quilt retreat is not for you. Also if you have specific dietary or sensory requirements to be comfortable, quilt retreat is not for you. 
It reminds me of an Adam Sandler Saturday Night Live skit. You can watch it on twitter here
"You're still going to be you on vacation"!

retreat sewing room late at night... most quilters are asleep!
Being on retreat is like being part of a big family where you accept that life is not going to go your way all the time, and you are not going to enjoy everything about your environment and the people around you 100% of the time. If you can be flexible, kind and generous, and have a good sense of humour, then you are going to LOVE quilt retreat!

Also, if you are a person who doesn't like to hear the opinions of others, quilt retreat is not for you. 
my retreat table 2019
I welcome the opinions of other quilters so that I can learn, and so that they can help me streamline the decision making process... especially on quilt layouts. You may not agree with everything that is said, but if you love to collect ideas, are open to hearing different artistic perspectives, and enjoy learning new ways of doing things, you are going to LOVE quilt retreat!

my retreat table 2018
I am just sooo deliriously happy at quilt retreat. I adore not having to shop, cook, shovel snow,  wash dishes, and clean. It's the only respite from the drudgery of life and for that reason alone, it is spectacular (for me).

my interesting friends even have interesting socks!!
But the cherry on top of that is being able to spend time with amazing women, soak up their creative energy, and benefit from their lived experience... what could be better?!?

Well, the sprinkles added on top of that... you get to sew all day long! You get to start new projects, finish old projects, see a wide variety of other quilter's projects, and truthfully it can be a little overstimulating at times! That's when you need to take a walk, get a massage, and/or take a little time to read quietly in your room.
Oh yah... and don't forget to sleep! Naps are luxurious if you don't have FOMO.
my retreat table 2020

I had such a wonderful time at my annual quilt retreat! I am catching up on sleep and putting away all my supplies and projects. I look forward to blogging about what I accomplished at retreat!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful time. So many of you bloggers talk about quilt retreats and sound like you have a lot of fun, I have never been on one and really don't know if I ever well. I really can't imagine quilting all days. I know it seems like I do here at home but I actually hop from one thing to another, run in to town to do things there - I don't know if I would be in the mood to sew and listen to machines all day LOL I might not be a retreat person :(

Angie said...

Your quilt retreat sounds like it was a blast - definitely having some quilt retreat envy here! Loved your humorous take on whether quilt retreat is for all quilters!

Sarah said...

I'm with you on quilt retreat, I love em! Haven't done one for a number of years but being able to indulge your passion is wonderful. And of course having coffee and cake regularly bought to you helps along with the no cooking, no washing up, sigh.

Bonnie said...

I have learned over the years to bring simple projects. It's not the time to start the 30 piece block. I go to two retreats a year. Both are with guilds I belong to but live a couple of hours away. To me the socializing and being with old friends are as important as the quilts part of it. I’ve considered going on one with my current guild but have decided not to for the time being. I’m looking forward to May and my next retreat.

Louise said...

Thanks for sharing the ups and potential downs of retreat! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Denise :) said...

My Stitcher's Group is having a small retreat this weekend -- just six of us -- at the campground where my husband and I host. We're sleeping in one cabin and stitching in the other! Looking forward to it!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

You are so right! I just assume everyone would love a retreat because I do, but in reality there are many people who might feel uncomfortable. I look forward to mine every year!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Way to keep it real, Kathy. There's ALWAYS one annoying person at EVERY retreat. The quality time with our machines make it SEW worth it!!!

Barb said...

I love retreats, but I also love a single room. It is a deal breaker if I can't have one.
I need to decompress before and after a day of group sewing.
Having said that, I love the energy of sewing with a group! and if there is no cooking all the better. Oh and wine. Yes, need wine :)

Sharon in Seattle said...

Haha, Kathy, I love your great comments about retreats! You are sooooo right! I find I have to take care of myself with little walks and nap time, and I love getting to know people better and all the chore-free quilting time. My biggest challenge is to learn not to complain about the things that bug me!!! But I know it's important so I really work hard at keeping my discomforts to myself! Remembering gratitude and reminding myself of the millions of things to be grateful for helps. Thanks for your post reminding us of the qualities of character required for enjoying retreat. So glad you had a good time! Can't wait to see your projects.

Deanna W said...

Retreats really have a learning curve. Each one is different and unique as the members that are attending. You really do have to be flexible and easy going. Just stay away from topics of religion, politics and news and all is well.Just talk quilt talk!!! Love all those socks!!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Love quilt retreats, they're so reenergizing!

beaquilter said...

Great points! I've never been but would actually love to host one....