Monday, March 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday

The design wall is covered with asterisk blocks today. I am almost out of those weird green background fabrics, so I need to figure out the setting for these fun blocks and get them turned into a finished quilt. I'm undecided about whether to keep the X blocks or make them all into asterisks. In the photo I really dislike the X on the left in the middle row. It might not make it into the quilt at all. Of course I'm loving the little asterisk blocks and want to make more of those. I took these blocks along to share with the Paris Quilters on Saturday.
We had a great day practicing how to construct a variety of improv blocks including asterisks (which were the group favourite), houses, and different types of letter blocks. I love a group of women who are fearlessly willing to try sewing anything, who tell inspiring and heart felt stories about their quilts and their quilty adventures, AND who also have a fantastic sense of humour!

We had so much fun and I was sad when the class was over and it was already time to pack up and go home. Here are some of the quilters who attended the class and you can see some of the quilts I brought to show various ways of constructing letter blocks.
These are the books and websites I recommended:
-"Word Play Quilts" by Tonya Ricucci
-"Out of the Box" by Mary Lou Wideman and Melanie McFarlane
-Patchery Menagerie blog by Lynne Tyler
-Asterisk Quilts by Karen Griska
-Temecula Quilt Co. baby letter quilt (not improv, but another fun way to sew letter blocks)
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  1. Now I've got asterisk quilt blocks to add to my 'some say' list :)

  2. I agree with you that the X blocks stand out a bit. Not sure what you can do to fix them, but they do seem to need a bit "more".

  3. The X blocks do stand out but don't bother me. Hey, I have a word in the Word Play book! My word is SOAR.

  4. The Asteriks blocks are fun. I love Word Play Quilts. I want to do one with all of my Grandchildren's names. That will not happen in the near future though. Too many UFO's to get Quilted...

  5. Add 2 more strips, and that x block can become an asterisk.

  6. That class sounded like a lo of fun!

  7. What is weird about the greens. I like them!

  8. I like the vortex quilt as your header. Such a fun quilt. The block on the left calls attention to itself. Since the viewer is going to notice it anyway - why not put your initials and year on it and give the block new meaning.

  9. Sounds like it was a great class!