Monday, March 20, 2017

Aurifil BOM Quilt Top

You never know how a project is going to turn out, especially when it's a mystery BOM. I would love to know the statistics on the number of quilters who start a BOM and actually end up with a finished quilt. Some interesting quilty statistics can be read here from the 2014 survey of American quilters, but there are no statistics gathered on the number of blocks sewn/started/sitting in UFO cupboards.
I have my fair share of those that may or may not become a finished quilt one day, but I have learned something and increased my skills with every block I have sewn. And every once in a while, blocks actually do become part of a quilt top.
Here's my most recent accomplishment...
the Aurifil BOM from 2016 (free patterns are still here). The size of the quilt top is 62.5" x 82".
Although it is a 2 colour quilt, it really is a true scrappy quilt with it's huge variety of red and white fabrics. I was determined to not buy more fabric to finish it, so I had to substitute another red for some of the block sashings. Many of the sashings are pieced from scraps. And the inside light sashing is a different size from the border sashing because I was running out of that yardage too. It was a huge logic/math puzzle (not my strength) which makes this seem like a bigger accomplishment to me than usual!
This will be the perfect project to be quilting during Canada's 150th birthday year!
You can get the instructions for Pat Sloan's layout here, and see a few finished quilt tops at the link up.
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  1. Love the red, congratulations on using all stash!! That was an interesting survey result, I didn't realize the market was so big!

  2. I love your quilt!!! I made all the blocks but have not decided yet how to put them together. You have inspired me to get it done, and hopefully I can work on that next week. I have a couple of quilts that were made by my husband's grandmother. It is so interesting to see where she put in an odd fabric now and then to complete a block and I am sure it is where she was just using scraps and used what she had. I love this look and so appreciate the frugal way our quilting sisters in the past used what they had. An inspiration to all of us!

  3. I love the scrappiness of the different reds!

  4. Looks great with the Striped Sashings. Nice to have a BOM Finish to share! I wonder how tall your TBQ (to be Quilted) pile is???

  5. Nice size top. Love red and white quilts. Congrats on completing the top. Have you yet decided to machine, hand quilt or send it out? Or perhaps you are enjoying the top as it is?

  6. Beautiful red and white scrappy quilt. I love the block designs... so different from the usual scrappy quilt.

  7. I've never taken part in a mystery, because I don't like those kind of surprises. I think your approach to them as a way of learning new things is a really good idea though. Maths isn't my strong point either, so I feel your pain! It was worth the headache though, this is looking lovely - really summery and fresh. :) x

  8. Love this red and white BOM. It's come together beautifully.