Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Treadling on Tuesday

My parents were traveling in Pennsylvania and found a very special gift for me - a tiny little treadle machine! Isn't that the sweetest thing?!?  I just love how much this little treadle looks like my big treadle - that it is painted to look exactly like my treadle cabinet's wood, and has two drawers on both sides with gold drawer pulls.

The card that came with it says it was made by "Clay Designs" by Esther O'Hara.

Just look at the size of the new treadle compared to my old treadle! I just love it, even though I can't actually sew on it. It's looks like a Mama machine with it's baby machine ;)

I am treadling away on my scrap strips and have come to the end of my black sashing strips, so the next step is to remove the paper from the back of the scrappy strips and get them up on the design wall. 
Tonight is QuiltCam, so I'll "see" you there!


  1. What a precious gift from your parents... how nice that they found that little treadle.. I have a treadle music box that is not nearly as nice but is unique in itself ;) Loving your finish from yesterday's post too! Kathi

  2. I love your new little machine Kathy - now wouldn't it be fun to make a bigger quilt to match the small one?!

  3. sweet miniature.
    I love the lap top next to the treadle - old vs new

  4. Awwww..for your little machine.We are still sewing and getting things done here at Piranha Extravaganza!! We miss you too.Your table is still there but someone seems to be "spreading" out onto your table!!any guesses??
    We are going to try to join Quiltcam tonight and watch with you!!

    Your Northern Blog Stalker and Assoc!
    P.S. Must do my blog post today!!

  5. Fantastique , très beau cadeau.
    J'ai reçu une qui servait à faire les collets de chemise, elle fonctionne à la main sur le côté un peu plus grosse que la vôtre. Vous pouvez la voir sur mon blog.
    C'est des cadeaux que nous apprécions beaucoup.
    Bonne journée.

  6. Your new "machine" is simply adorable!!!

  7. That little treadle is so cute! Such a sweet gift! I like that they added the little quilt. I look forward to seeing your scrappy strips on the design wall! I hope I can catch Quilt Cam today.

  8. Such a cute little gift!

    If I can manage to stay awake I will be joining in for QuiltCam as well. See you there!!

  9. I have a little treadle sewing machine ornament for a Christmas tree. I think it is smaller than your gift and not as nicely made.

  10. What a fun little sewing machine. It will be great to display in your sewing room

  11. It was a great Quilt CAM, too. I got my Fusible Row By Row all cut out and assembled while I watched.
    The is a very Cute Treadle! Love the quilt on it as well.

  12. I have a Boyd mini sewing machine a dear friend gave me. I love little treasures like that!