Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Friday! Time to start a new quilt?!?

I am so tired at the end of this week that I haven't scheduled anything fun for Friday Night Sew-In... *gasp*
I think I will just put my PJ's on and do some relaxing hand quilting.
Did you sign up for FNSI? If not, there is still time to do so - click here.
But I must admit that I am really tempted to start a new quilt (other than the baby quilts I need to start and finish asap!)

There are so many new projects popping up around blog land and I am getting the itch to start at least one of them.
Here is a list of ideas I am considering:

*Alycia has started a new mystery quilt - click here for the fabric requirements. You just need 4 fabrics for this one.

*The Temecula Co. has started a new summer mystery called "Summer Spools" - start cutting fabric here. You can do this one scrappy and it has "a secret applique center"!

*The Moda Bakeshop started a new project called the Trifle Dish Sew-Along. I really like the posy block just posted.

*In August Pam Buda is starting a new sew along called "Friends and Companions". I haven't even caught up with her last sew along called Market Day. But I did finish Nabby's Dowry last month, so that counts for something, right?!?
Oh dear... I already have too many UFO's.
What about you? Are you joining in the fun?


Jo said...

I have just got back from a weeks holiday. Had my shower, in pj's and now reading blogs. I have dug out a UFO. Leanne's House. I am up to block 5. Let's hope I get some done

Amy said...

Alycia's mystery has caught my attention, but I've been staying strong!
You've been plugging along -- I say GO FOR IT!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

God no - I have enough things already started! at least 5 in the works, one in the cutting stage and one more waiting to be quilted - I think that is enough for now :)

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Thanks for the link I signed up for FNSI. I finished a UFO yesterday and am impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new pattern to start on it.

Mary said...

Starting something new must be in the AIR! I had to start the Market Day this week.. I am almost caught up already and will see what she has chosen for us to make today. Found some more Neutral. Not exactly what I used before but Scrappy always works, right?

Janet O. said...

You are truly an ennabler!
I am starting nothing new--absolutely, at all!! Are you convinced? : )

Deanna W said...

How cool that we both got our emails read on Quiltcam the other night!!
I have just finished three projects that were at various stages. Now to start something new. Why is it so difficult to decide. I am sewing with a friend this weekend, our get away weekend. You will see Sunday what I did.... have a great weekend! PJs sounds like a get idea for friday evening wear too!!

wheelinsticks said...

I have a quick baby quilt that I need to finish today. Found out about the baby shower last night. Of course she and mother, and mother-in-law are all quilters in my guild. Thank goodness I participated in Good Night Irene, so the top is 1 block from being done. Off to the store for iners and outers.

scraphappy said...

Nothing is more fun than a new start. You have been so good about finishing things lately. Why not a bit of a reward?

Andee said...

Wow what a fun list of things to sew...I didn't know about most of these, I gotta read more blogs! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

No, no QAL's for me. I'm currently in the middle of 6 different quilts and have fabric kitted up for another 3 quilts. I think that's enough for now, thankyouverymuch. Although I have fabric for and am savings steps to Pam Buda's Market Place ... and will probably save the steps for her next one, too.

No FNSI tonight for me ... I've had grands here since 6:30AM ... they will go back home at 8:30PM ... I have no energy to do any sewing during naptime, so I know I won't have any by the time 8:30 rolls around.

Deb A said...

You deserve a reward! Looking forward to seeing which one(s) you decided to work on.

margaret said...

I have too much on the go to start another BOM or similiar, have told myself NO NO NO you must not do that!

Beth J said...
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