Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wishing to finish my star quilt!

Have you seen the fantastic star quilts that the quilters have been sharing this week on the Wish Upon A Star blog hop? I have had a blast creating my star quilt and seeing all the inspiration that was stirred up by Carol inviting people to make something with a star on it! I have been quilting stars and loops until my shoulders and arms ache. My chair needs to be up higher to be ergonomically correct, but then I can't see well. If I'm going to do this much machine quilting I'm going to need new glasses, a higher more comfortable chair, AND a massage therapist LOL!
Here is the list of blogs to visit for Day #3:
May 23

 Come back tomorrow to see my star quilt reveal on Day #4!


  1. LOL - sounds like a trip to the eye doctor and the office supply store for a new chair is needed! and then get a massage!

  2. I hear ya girl!! I think a massage therapist should be part of every sewing room too!!

    P.S. are you bringing one for the Piranha weekend....

  3. An ice pack on your sore back might help. I feel your pain. Stars and loops are fun on a Stars Quilt. It's been fun to see all of the Stars this week show up on my Blogroll.

  4. Can't wait to see yours Kathy. I hope you don't need the massage therapist.