Friday, May 11, 2018

Square Dance Mystery Quilt

Are you sewing along with Carole's Square Dance mystery?
Starting with a mistake!
The steps are posted once a month, so it's a relaxed pace. The step posted last month (Allemande Left) was cutting instructions which were easily finished... if you started cutting the right units! In a square dance, it's easy to get confused and make a misstep. I started cutting the wrong unit, and quickly realized my pieces were turning out too small. 
Reread the instructions... duh... get out the correct  pieces to start with, and from there on it's easy peasy! I found that my old Olfa cutter was more comfortable for cutting these units than the newer teal Ofla cutter. Once I got the right units and the right tool for the job, the blocks were trimmed to the proper measurements and the step it was easy to complete .

Here are the units cut and ready for the reveal of the next step, which will posted next Friday.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Looking good!! Next clue in one week.

Louise said...

I'm doing this QAL, too! I hope you had enough extra fabric to remake the ones you cut wrong. Which size are you making?

Janet O. said...

As usual, I am not sewing along with anyone, Kathy! But it is always fun to watch your MANY SAL projects grow.
I have not purchased one of those pretty colored Olfa cutters, because I am really in love with my "ergo" one, like your old one. I have 4 different style cutters, and I always reach for the same one. But I would probably buy a new one if they made them in pretty colors. I am all about practical being pretty. :)

Kate said...

Another mystery I'd like to play along with! But I'm just going to content myself with watching your version come together.