Friday, May 18, 2018

Machine Quilting

Although Clarissa is my "UFO of the month", one of my other UFOs has tried to hog the attention spotlight recently. The culprit is the broken dishes quilt... "look over here"... "I'd like to be a finished quilt"! 
I usually have one machine set up for piecing and one machine set up for machine quilting so I can work on whatever suits my fancy in the moment!
The noisy broken dishes quilt is now pin basted and machine quilting has started. It's always good to "do shots" before you start quilting... just to get the creativity flowing!

I'm starting with the walking foot and stitching "in the ditch" a grid pattern as I usually do to stabilize the whole thing. If I've done a really good job with the pin basting, there will be no fabric mountains popping up in the front of the walking foot. Little hills are manageable... this is a little one, but reminds me that the quilt top was not pulled taut enough when I was setting up the quilting sandwich. But so far it's pretty much smooth sailing. Next I'll be putting on the free motion foot and seeing what curved lines I might want to stitch.

Happy Friday!

Hope you have a full weekend of relaxation and quilting ahead!


Julierose said...

TGIF;))) Your noisy dishes look lovely being quilted. I also do that stabilizing --even if i am going to tie my quilts. (I did that on Venetzia).
I am pulling out all my hexagon rosettes and seeing what they want to become hugs, Julierose

Ivani said...

Thanks for showing. I was thinking that those hills only happened on my quilts. Happy weekend!

Barb said...

Yay for the broken dishes and yay for friday

Deanna W said...

Good morning to you too! Love that little pic!! A ufo underway and getting progress made on it is a good thing..even if it isn't the quilt of the month to work on!! Have a great long weekend too!!

Janet O. said...

Like you, I find that even if I have no idea how I want to quilt something, if I start with Stitch-in-the-Ditch, ideas start to come as I work on those straight lines. Curious to see what curves you add to the broken dishes. :)

Louise said...

That's just a little hill, easy to climb :) Have fun with your Broken Dishes!