Monday, May 21, 2018

Clarissa on the Design Wall

Here it is... drum roll please... the last block has been made for my Clarissa quilt top. It was fun sewing this block knowing that it's the last one. I used up many odd triangles sitting in the project box. This is a classic Clarissa block, with a pinwheel in the centre, surrounded by a dark round of QSTs, and around the outside of the block are light QSTs.
The next step is to finalize a layout (first I have to find the other blocks in storage), cut out the sashings, and sew it all together. 
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Also, today is the start of the Wish Upon a Star blog hop... prepare to be inspired!  I am still working on finishing my quilt... my day to post my star quilt is Thursday. Here is the line up of blogs to visit today...
May 21


  1. Congratulations on completing the blocks. They are all so beautiful I know you are going to miss making them.

  2. How large of a quilt will you end up with?

  3. Morning Kathy~~ Have been following your Clarissa blocks. Want to say they hold my attention with their beauty. You’ve done a wonderful job with putting them together and especially with the colors. I could say that with all the blocks you make but for some reason these just "really" resonate with me. May have to consider making some myself.

  4. Three cheers for getting the final Clarissa block done.
    Thanks for the heads up on the blog hop. I only wish there weren't so many blogs to visit each day. I have to spend time doing yard work today which means I won't have time to see the blogs.

  5. Hurray!! Getting closer to the finish line on this one. I like the friendship stars. Bee back Thursday to see.

  6. Yee Haw...the last block is done!

  7. Your Clarissa block is beautiful. I like the shadings where the blues go into the parts around the center, too. If that's a 12" finished block, those are pretty small triangles! I look forward to seeing the other blocks with it.