Friday, October 02, 2015

September Binding Blitz

I have been keeping track of the number of inches stitched on quilt bindings this year. It's maybe a strange thing to do (one of many oddities I enjoy!) but it's kind of fun to know.

Ever wonder what a pile of 300" of prepared binding looks like?!?
Now you know!

This is the binding for the Confluence quilt, and it used up pieces leftover from the quilt front and the backing.

So let's see what the numbers are...
at the end of July, my total was 2,286".
I didn't do a binding update in August, but I did finish an old UFO which adds 258" to the tally.
And this month I finished my scrap squad quilt, adding another 288". 

So the 2015 tally so far is....


  1. I've never thought of measuring binding. I dread to think how many inches I've done this year. I do know one of my quilts was 10ft x 10 ft so that was roughly 480" of binding

  2. Pretty soon it'll stretch around the world ;--))) --we all have strange things we keep track of--I like to write the temps and either windchill or dewpoint and the time I arose in my daily journal every morning..weird, I know as you can just look them up, but it starts my day...hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh mercy, I don't want to know that number, LOL!

  4. I like this oddity. Something I have never thought to record, but interesting to know. : )

  5. I enjoy reading about your binding progress. Very fun to think about the inches involved!

  6. Interesting. I have never thought to track binding inches.

  7. That's a lot of binding, which means you've had a lot of finishes this year.

  8. That is a lot of inches and stitches!

  9. Puts new meaning to the old advertising phrase for yellow pages.....Let your fingers do the walking."