Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Binding Blitz

October has been a great month for finishing quilts! It must be the cooler weather motivating me to snuggle under a quilt to enjoy hand stitching.

I finished Cozy Afternoon which was 136" of binding. It was a little harder on my hands because of the flange in the binding on the front of the quilt. I should have cut the binding strips a bit wider to accommodate the flange, but I forgot, and had to really pull the binding to cover the stitching line on the back. 
A quick finish, was the Peaceful Country Roads quiltalong which was 21.25" square, so it only adds 85" to the monthly total, but I'll take it!
Then I finished a little hand quilted miniature block called Times Nine That added 48" to the total.

And the big finish was Easy Street, a Bonnie Hunter mystery from 2012. It finished at 88" square, which adds 352" to the tally.
October's total is 621".

And adding this number to September's total of 2,832" gives me a total of.... 3,453" of binding in 2015 so far! Woohoo!
PS.... I hope someone is checking my math :)

Linking up to Julie's binding blitz.


KaHolly said...

Wow! That's a lot of finishes! Way to go!

Lesley said...

Wonderful to see all these bindings!

scraphappy said...

Any way you add it up, that is a lot of binding. Best of all, it represents a lot of finishing. Congratulations.

Ramblings from Randi the Wild Rose Quilter said...

I started back to sticking on a huge king size quilt that I'm about halfway through, and has been sitting in the closet untouched for maybe a year. I will finish it THIS month! This week would be even better!

The Crafty Creek said...

Gosh that's a lot of binding :-)

Ivani said...

Congrats a lot of binding and a lot of finishing! October was a great month isn't it?

gayle said...

Wow! I'm really really impressed! (I just did a quick calculation on my own year's worth of binding - I think I'm at 160 inches...)

margaret said...

some great finishes I enjoy the hand sewing part of the binding, very relaxing just wish I culd aster the quilting part

Kate said...

Congrats on all those finishes!