Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Votes For Women Wednesday

A big thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and ideas in the comments on my design wall posting last week. 
I will try out the suggestions for improving my umbrella block and report back on my success...or lack thereof!
Here are the next blocks for my Votes for Women sampler quilt.
This is block #27 called "Grandmother's Dream: The Houghtons". The history lesson about the Houghton family was inspiring to read. 
I thought I was quite clever in figuring out how to sew this block with no set-in seams. It took quite a bit of sketching and measuring, but it turned out great!

Here is block #28 called Ocean Wave. No calculations required for this one...easy peasy. This block is symbolic of the women who enlisted in the navy. 
I love this line from Barbara's lesson for block #28:
"Each generation fights for rights the next generation takes for granted."


Deb A said...

Beautiful job Kathy! You are doing a great job working your way through these blocks. I think the next few should be easy ones.

Jean said...

Your blocks look great....and so lucky for you to win a magazine and a cup! I see you are ready to quilt the letter quilt....can't wait to see it finished.

Cathy said...

They're looking good! I'm trying to get caught up,too. Maybe i could do a block or 2 today.

Janet O. said...

Ah, smart girl. I avoid those set-in seams at all cost.
Love that quotation with the Ocean Waves block.

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh yes, you are a very smart girl, indeed! Always avoid those dratted "Y" seams whenever possible :*) Your blocks turned out great!

Mary said...

Love the Ocean Wave. I'm seeing it around a lot here. Thanks for sharing your Blocks. The different colors with the same print look great in the Grandmother's Dream Block too.

Jeanne said...

More great blocks.

Anonymous said...

Love both your blocks. That quote from Barbara was a good one, and so true!