Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Treadling on Tuesday

I have transplanted all my seedlings, so the treadle machine is back in business. Here is a photo of the treadling going on today. You can see how I am strip piecing and putting through one foundation paper after another, until the strip is used up.
Somehow I ended up with 3 scrap baskets on the table? 
I swear these scraps are multiplying overnight...just can't keep ahead of them!
Quick question...are any of my blog readers planning to attend the LancasterToga? If so, please email me.


  1. Scraps multiply overnight!!!

    What is the LancasterToga?

  2. :D
    I have a machine just like yours cabinet and all! However, the orginal owner worked for Singer and had it converted to electric!
    I am hoping to 'take her back' to foot power as soon as I can find someone who 'knows' what they are doing and will treat her with love and respect'. I have all of the orginal parts, manual, feet etc...
    Plans are to begin treadling by the end of the summer!

  3. Does anyone recall the original Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles"? That is what I think of when I think of scraps multiplying. Maybe I'm the only one whop remembers that. : )

  4. What a beautiful Treadle machine!
    I'm starting to believe your right about scraps multiplying. lol

  5. Your treadle machine is wonderful. I learnt to sew on a treadle machine , seeing yours has brought back memories.

  6. I wish I could, but that is too far a drive, I can't wait to see pictures!

  7. What is Lancaster Toga? DH is working on the cabinet of my treadle machine then it will be my turn to clean her up.What did you use to clean up the machine (decals) so they don't disappear. She is pretty dirty.I will make sure to take before and after pics too!

  8. I want to use my treadle, too. I think all I need is a belt and some cleaning.......and a place to put her where I can use her. Think, think, think.

  9. Wish I could attend that one, but, I WILL be attending the River Rat TOGA in Sept. Hubby will be backpacking while I get to play with machines.