Monday, May 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday - Sunny Side Up

It's Monday again, which means it's time to show what's in progress on the design wall today.  These are the blocks for my version of Judy's "Sunny Side Up" quilt along.
I have moments where I wish I would have left out the two really light background fabrics, but I'm not changing it now and hope that I like it more once I put the alternating star blocks in.

These are all the pieces cut for the stars in step #6. I hope to piece these will be a lot of trimming to do for the needed 68 QST blocks!
I actually have two design walls, and on the other design wall is the dreaded IOP (aka Chompers). When my Mom lasted visited the quilting room, she actually offered me cash to take "that thing" off the wall! LOL!  I told her I'm not taking it down until it's done! Wonder when that will be!?!
And while I'm talking about chompers, here is the latest instrument of torture from my orthodontist....
elastics - which hook around the top front eye teeth brackets and stretch to the bottom back molars to yank the top teeth into place.
Doc even gave me some brightly coloured elastics to try to entice me to wear them.  
I hate them.
They make my teeth and jaw hurt. 
He calls it "uncomfortable". I call it agony :(
I also got "power chains" put on the top and bottom teeth.
I still cannot believe I willingly agreed to this torture!
But as if to compensate for the torture, a wonderful treat arrived on my doorstep.
Look what I won from the Quiltmaker 100 blocks blog hop!
Not only did I win an issue of my favorite magazine, I won a collector's MUG!
I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! You would think I'd just won the lottery (although it didn't make me forget that my mouth hurts!)
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Deb A said...

Ouch! I remember the bands on the teeth all too well. Congrats on the win. I like the splash of light in the quilt - it makes your eyes wander around more.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Congrats on the win!! your quilt looks fantastic...I love the color choice. I would love to do Michelle's QAL with you guys; but so busy, and I don't have EQ; so I will probably stay out of this one....thanks for sharing though.

Janet O. said...

Elastics and power bands--oh, those memories do not fade. My sympathy!!
Congrats on your win!
Has there been any progress on Chompers lately? : )

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

My son was in agony his first night in braces and bands - he actually stayed home from school the next day and he never likes to miss school. I think he took the bands off intermittently for a few days and after that he really didn't have too many problems even with adjustments. I hope you find relief too!

Sheila said...

Your post brought back memories of agony. Ouch.
I like your quilts in progress!
Awesome win. Delightful post, dear.

Bonnie said...

I can feel your aching jaw. Done that, been there, and have the teeth that moved back a bit to where they were at the beginning. Sigh, Great job on the quilting going on. For the record, I really like your IOP. Keep plugging away at it.

audrey said...

Congrats on the win! Great blocks on the wall--cannot wait to see the alternating blocks!

Mary said...

Lucky win! so happy for you. Not about the braces thing though. I remember my children going through that agony. The wax helped them.

Jeanne said...

I love the colors you chose for your sunny side up quilt! It's going to be a beauty! Congratulations on your win and I'm sorry about your mouth pain.

Deanna W said...

I like the mix of light and darks and mediums you have. Ands with the alternate blocks it will look great. Get that IOP done...I like it too although I am not brave enough to start one of those. Hope you are feeling better by the end of the week for our get together! only 5 sleeps till we can visit and catch up.We'll bring the painkillers for the teeth!! ;)

Sue Daurio said...

I like the sunny side up! Congrats on the win. Ice cream to numb the braces, worked for my kids, if only for a short time :)

berylthepearl said...

Love your fabrics and the colors for Judy's sunny side quiltalong!

Chris said...

Braces. Yuk. I got mine when I was 40 and was glad when they finally came off. I love your quilt. The light pieces all blend with the others so you will not even notice them when its all done.

Anonymous said...

I love your blocks, and your colors. Beautiful!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I wore braces for 4 years. That didn't include all the stuff getting ready for them, or the follow up care. Now my youngest son (age 19) is in braces. I feel for you.