Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Treadling or Gardening

Did you catch QuiltCam with Bonnie Hunter last night? If you missed it, you can watch it anytime on her YouTube channel - click here.
I really enjoyed watching her treadle the borders on a plaid quilt. I got some great tips on how to handle the quilt top while attaching borders by treadling. 
The problem is, my beloved treadle machine is covered with a "mini garden" at this moment. I know that is a bad bad bad thing to do to my treasured treadle, but I covered the entire cabinet in plastic before placing anything on it :) This is an older photo, but it shows the wonderful light coming through this window...just perfect to grow little vegetable seeds.
Gardening season is quickly approaching, although you'd never know it, since it hailed here yesterday, and it is 3 degrees outside as I write this blog post.  We have such a short growing season here (only 3 months of warmer temperatures) that I wanted to give my veggies a little head start and started growing some seeds indoors.

This year I am trying some organic seeds made by a local company. Here is the traditional method of starting seeds in egg cartons. 

And I'm also trying a new seed starter method that I bought at the Canadian Tire store. It is called a "Jiffy Professional 72 Cell Windowsill Greenhouse Kit".
Sounds fancy, eh?!?  
I'll let you know if any of these things actually grow!All of this paraphernalia is sitting by the window on my treadle machine just until the seeds get going. 


pcflamingo said...

I want a treadle (said in a whiney voice)! This particular item keeps moving on up my bucket list. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to easily wheel mine outside as Bonnie did with hers yesterday - all my sewing space is downstairs in the daylight basement! I could put up some pretty pictures to look at :D

Janet O. said...

I love gardening, but it sure puts a crimp in my sewing time. Your seed starts crimps you in other ways. : )

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Love joining Bonnie! She is s hoot and has a lot of experience and is such a wonderful giving person. I too love to garden and this time of the year I am often torn between the outdoors and my sewing room.

Kate said...

Three months isn't long. Good luck with your seed project.